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Tesla Singapore, will it be available?


In today’s environmentally friendly world, everything we do is about finding greener alternatives to practices that have historically proven adverse to the environment. From the way we package items and how we consume energy; many practices have become a permanent part of our lives but are incredibly damaging. One such practice that’s incredibly damaging is using cars. The carbon footprint of cars across the globe is staggering, and cars are among the most significant contributors to the thinning of our ozone layer. However, cleaner alternatives such as the Tesla are now coming to the market. Singapore is a small country with an even more pressing need to be environmentally conscious, so it makes sense to wonder when we’ll have Tesla in Singapore.

The backdrop of car ownership in Singapore

Car ownership is a topic that has remained contentious in Singapore since the 1970s. Due to Singapore’s small size and a high population, lawmakers have remained concerned about the effects of mass car ownership. Mass car ownership poses several risks to not only the people of Singapore but also the environment. Not only would it lead to the roads being heavily congested, but the effect on the environment would be devastating. Carbon emissions could increase at staggering rates, making the air quality extremely toxic. Keeping these concerns in mind, Singaporean legislators have focused on mass transport instead of private ownership for many decades. These concerns lead to the high road tax and the cost of cars, to limit the cars on the road. Car ownership rates in Singapore remain at around 11%.

Tesla in Singapore – the history

Tesla’s track record with Singapore hasn’t been entirely clean. Previously, the country has been against introducing Tesla Singapore. The 2016 case, where a hefty surcharge was imposed on a Tesla Model S, remains iconic in addressing Singapore’s contentious history with Tesla. The fine was imposed to account for the electricity consumed by the car. Elon Musk is known to have gone on record to say that Singapore ‘isn’t supportive’ towards Tesla. However, in recent times, Tesla Singapore may well be a possibility!

Is Tesla coming to Singapore?

One of the reasons why Singapore remained so against electric cars, in general, was because the nation has remained markedly slow in shifting to the electric landscape. The country remained heavily dependent on fossil fuels for a long time. However, the landscape is rapidly changing, and this change may bring Tesla to Singapore. The government has recently pledged to remove combustion cars by 2040; battery-powered cars remain on the rise. However, Tesla’s return to Singapore isn’t just based on speculation.

Tesla’s return to Singapore – the facts

With battery-powered cars increasing on the streets of Singapore, Tesla’s return may not be far off. An ad posted on LinkedIn suggests that it might be pretty close by! LinkedIn and Tesla’s official website is now advertising for nine new positions within the country, with one being for the post of country manager. All of the ads suggest that Tesla is looking to create a retail presence again in the country very soon. Jobs such as aftersales advisors, parts advisors, and pre-vehicle delivery jobs are all listed, suggesting that the electric car juggernaut is poised to make a return to the Singaporean market! If you’re looking to get Tesla Singapore, read below.

The bottom line

These recent changes seem to suggest that Singapore’s stance on electric cars may genuinely have changed. However, we still need to consider what that means for hopeful Tesla owners in the nation. Car prices remain staggeringly high, and the country’s emphasis is still on mass transport. Therefore, while Tesla Singapore may be an imminent reality, that shouldn’t mean that it will be cheap. You can quickly expect cars to cost much more than regular cars here in Singapore. If you can afford the Tesla, it can be an excellent way to use vehicles that are comparatively greener than traditional fuel-based cars. If you’re looking to buy a Tesla, Cars N U has many helpful blogs letting you pick out the best option. A company vowing to bring happiness and closeness to their customers can be sure that you’ll find only the best advice on their forums.

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