Selling Your Car
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Selling your car in Singapore? Why do you need help.

Selling your car can be an overwhelming process. We have to deal with the emotional burden of parting with a car that becomes a companion over time, but we also have to navigate a market full of new vehicles.  Usually, when selling our car, we require urgent money. Getting in touch with the right teams can help us make a quick sale and get the price we want. Here’s how. 

Get in touch with serious buyers only.

One of the biggest reasons we have to spend so much time trying to sell our car is because many of the buyers that we get in touch with aren’t serious about buying. They can make inquiries, offer prices, and even make repeated visits, but at the end of the day, they aren’t serious about making a purchase. Instead of spending so much time and effort on ‘buyers’ who aren’t interested, you can get in touch with a reputed company that can help you get in touch with only the most serious ones to buy. Companies such as Cars N U can help you get in touch with only a pool of trusted buyers to skip all the hassle of test drives, negotiation, and bargaining with every buyer out there. 

Sell your car the fastest way. 

Sure, selling a car all by yourself can work. Eventually, after months of meeting will all sorts of non-serious buyers, trying to advertise and lowering your price significantly, you might be able to find a buyer. This can take up a great deal of time. It can be extremely detrimental because usually when we sell something like our car, we need to get our hands on some money as soon as possible. In such emergency scenarios, we can’t afford to sit around, waiting for a buyer to show up. So, our best bet can be to get in touch with a professional company. They can use their contacts and advertising expertise to make sure that we sell in the blink of an eye. 

Skip the advertising costs 

When you’re looking to make some money, you really can’t afford to spend on advertising forums. However, without doing so, you can find yourself perpetually stuck in limbo, trying to sell your car. However, if you get in touch with Cars N U, they can do all the advertising for you. They can reach out to the best audience so that you can sell car Singapore fast. 

Cash exchange and transfer made easy.

One of the riskiest things for both direct buyers and sellers is figuring out whether to trade cash first or transfer over the car. Understandably, there can be some mistrust from both sides as the transaction is so significant. However, with a dealer handling all the hard work, both parties can rest assured that there will be no scams involved, and the process can be much smoother. 

Get the price you want

Selling without the help of a dealer can mean that we might have to significantly lower the price to sell fast. With the help of an experienced seller, we won’t just sell fast, but can also get exactly the price that we wanted with no loss. 


It can be much simpler to get in touch with Cars N U if you want to make selling your car a smoother process with no unforeseen hitches involved, and also if you want to buy car Singapore

January 12, 2021
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