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How to sell car in Singapore and consign car with Cars N U?

Follow our 3-step process to sell car Singapore at the highest selling price

Selling car in Singapore the easy way and get the best price for your used car through car consignment.

Fill your information below and our representative will contact you within 24 hours on consign a car process.

How to sell car with Cars N U?
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Are you having a hard time sell your car in Singapore?


Well, It’s no surprise.


Although sell car in Singapore might appear to be just another task, the reality is that it becomes an overwhelming process.




Don’t worry


We at Cars N U can certainly help you


how to sell a car in singapore

But before the market value of your car depreciates further, it’s time you make the first move.


We at Cars N U have got you covered for all your car selling needs by 


Marketing your cars by advertising on in premium car classified portal as well as paid social media Ads and Google Ads.-


– Tapping on to our existing buyer list of more than 1000 buyers who have already availed our services.


– Handling buyer queries matching your criteria and also verifying their sincerity to save your valuable time.


– Arranging viewing of your car at your preferred location with the buyer


– Closing the deal on mutual agreement with a security deposit by the buyer who is assisted by us for loan approval and insurance process.


That’s not all.


It all comes with No hidden charges which shows our commitment to serve you better and expand our market presence here in Singapore. 


So, are you ready to sell used car Singapore with us?


Wait no more.

sell my car

Why should I use Cars N U when I can sell the car myself? 

  1. It is possible for a car owner to list the car online, but it is not advisable in most cases. These reasons explain why selling car alone can be complicated:
  3. You must invest a great deal of time to understand the process and requirements to transfer the vehicle. 
  5. If there is any outstanding car loan, you must pay it off before selling car. In most cases, the potential buyer will not take the responsibility of paying the loan to the bank. 
  7. You will be contacted by people who will try to waste your time or sell for less.
  9. If the buyer already has a car and demands a trade-in, you won’t be able to handle the process.

where to sell car in singapore

Cars N U lets you sell your car. Here is a list of reasons why you should be choosing Car N U’s services:

  1. – Generate leads for you
  3. – Save your time by filtering out unreliable and low ball buyers 
  5. – Handle all paperwork on your behalf 
  7. – Manage the viewing and help you sell the car efficiently 
  9. – Perform vehicle inspection 
  11. – Manage the trade-ins 
  13. Sell car now for you

selling car in singapore

How to sell a car in Singapore with Cars N U?


Click on this link to sell car. 


Enter your information and a representative from our company will contact you in a day and answer any questions you have.


Why must I give the car ownership and vehicle details?


Every car is unique and has unique details. We need only the bare minimum information from you to retrieve your vehicle details. Our representative will offer you proper advice and market the car on your behalf on relevant classified portals. 

how can i sell my used car

What happens when I choose Cars N U’s Service?


When you choose Cars N U to sell your car in Singapore, our team will advertise the car across multiple classified portals and channels


How will Cars N U advertise my car?


We understand that owning a car in Singapore can be highly expensive. We will help you mitigate some of the costs. We will help you market your vehicle on portals like Facebook ads, Google ads, Carousell and SGCARMART. We are constantly on the lookout to market your car on the most effective marketing channels.

how to sell to car dealers

Should I follow your pricing guide?


You don’t need to follow our pricing guide when it comes to listing your car, however, for best results, we strongly recommend it. 

Most people who want to sell their car fail to realize that the prices appearing on classified portals are not accurate transacted prices. When setting prices, we take into account the following:


  1. – Demand for the make and model of your car
  2. – The condition of the vehicle from the inside out
  3. – The market price of the car
  4. – COE trends
  5. – Extras associated with the vehicle 
  6. – Historical transaction price 

How long does it takes?


If it is a Japanese or Korean make, it takes around 3 weeks on average to sell the car. On the other hand, if it’s a continental make, it will take up to 5 weeks. Exotic cars may take longer to sell. 


Most sellers end up over-valuating their cars because of which they are priced out of the market.  This will make it longer than usual to sell your car or your car sell attempt will fail altogether.

It is recommended to follow our price guide for selling your car successfully and have the transaction completed faster.


sell my car singapore

How many viewings will it take to sell my car Singapore?


We completely understand that you have a busy life. You are either busy with work or have to spend time with your family. The process of selling car should not take that away from you. 


Our team is trained to find potential and sincere buyers who are genuinely interested in buying from you. Each buyer is informed about the condition of the vehicle and an asking price before arranging a date to view the vehicle.


On average, it takes 2 to 5 viewings before a successful transaction takes place. We continue to work on improving the process. We try our best for the appointment to become a guaranteed sale. 


We hope you remain patient until the vehicle is sold successfully. 


Should I settle my existing car loan before transferring it to a new buyer?


The Land Transport Authority makes it mandatory for an exciting loan on a car to sell to be fully settled before transferring the ownership of the car to the buyer. 


After the buyer receives loan approval, it is recommended to complete the loan settlement. Keep in mind that your bank or financial institution may take 3 to 5 working days to update the Land Transport Authority system.


Another thing to consider is that until the owner of the car successfully takes place, any loan applied by the buyer for purchasing the car won’t be paid out. The seller must have a clear picture of their finances before selling your car. Our team will train you about everything. 

In case you need any assistance with the settlement, we will extend our services to you in exchange for a minor fee.

sell car now

After the successful sale of my car, when can I expect to receive the payment?


You will receive the payment for a successful car deal in the following events:


  1. – Initial Deposit: This amount is collected when the buyer signs the sales and purchase agreement. It ranges between $500 and $2000.
  2. – Car Down Payment: This amount is received on the day of the car’s handover. It is 30 to 40 percent of the transacted price.
  3. – Buyer’s Loan Amount: You will receive this amount after successfully transferring the ownership of the car. This amount is between 60 to 70 percent of the transacted price.

Remember that every transaction is unique. The sale can become simple or complex depending on the financial situation of the buyer and seller. No matter what the situation, we will be there to help you out and ensure a smooth transaction takes place.

Trusted Place to Sell Car

We have tons of happy customers throughout the country. Nobody is ever disappointed sell their cars with Cars N U. After all, why would you want to sell car Singapore and consign car anywhere when you are getting the best value for your used vehicle?

What to Expect from
Cars N U?

Fair Prices

Whether you are up for buying car or selling car in Singapore, we guarantee fair prices. Bringing our customers the fairest valuation so that they get the most value of money from the deal.

Complete Transparency

We never keep our clients in the dark. The entire buy or sell car process is kept transparent. You will know what’s going on and if you need guidance, our representative will help you in every step of the way.

Secure Transactions

Don’t worry about unsafe payments. Certified RC transfers ensure that your money is processed safely.

We Handle The Paperwork

If you dread paperwork, Cars N U has got your back. We make filling and submitting paperwork hassle-free. Just bring the required documents along and we will take care of the rest. Sit back and relax while taking care of the sell car process.

sell car in Singapore

Cars N U – A Place Where Customer is the Top Priority


What We Do

Cars N U is Singapore’s most trusted place to buy cars and sell cars in Singapore by offering an extensive database of new cars and used cars for sale. We believe in putting the customer in control of the car buying and selling car experience. We facilitate both car buyers and car sellers and make the process friendly, hassle-free, and quick. Even if you know nothing about car loan Singapore or buy car and sell car process, our specialists have got you covered. 


What We Believe

Fair and honest dealing. We understand that to buy car Singapore or sell your car in Singapore, a lot of research and legwork is required. And if you don’t have the right knowledge, you may sell car for short. Let Cars N U be your right hand and take the hassle out of the process of buying a car or selling a car.


Cars N U, with its exceptional customer service and support, is here to offer car buyers and car sellers in Singapore the best value for their money. You would never want to buy your car or sell your car the old fashioned way.


What do We Provide For Our Customers?

Cars N U is on the mission to make it easier for its customers if they do not know where to sell car in Singapore, buy the car of your dreams, and get a car loan and car insurance all under one roof without visiting one dealership to another. The online portal makes it easier for customers to complete the transaction with the assistance of professional consultants. We promise our customers the most value for money and exceptional customer service. This is what keeps them coming back for more. 


View our latest used cars from the comfort of your view and pick your future car. Or simply sell car at the best price. 

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Excellent service by Leon. Swift and responsive. At first I was wondering how can I sell my used car. Cars N U offer their service to me and I decided to try. They sold car at my asking price without any hassle. Would definitely recommend if you wish to sell your car and get the highest offer with a peace of mind. Great car consignment company


Ivan Wang – CAR SELLER

Very professional company that provides top notch vehicle transaction services. Gives excellent advises and guidance to protect both the seller and buyer. Sell my car Singapore was a breeze with Cars N U handling every expect of documentation, submission and application. If you want to deal with any vehicle related transactions, this is the only place to go that guarantees a honest and efficient service, with no obligation to sell if the price is not right.



Why I like Cars N U is that they are very prompt in response to my query. They are polite and always look for a win-win solution to accommodate to both buyer and sellers. They have a lot of flexibility in handling unforeseen circumstances. Thank you guys sell car for me and get the highest price possible. Do look for them if you wish to consign a car to them



Would like to compliment Cars N U for their amazing service. I tried selling car in Singapore on my own, didn’t imagine it was so hard. Due to their professionalism and recommendations of my friend, i decided to engage them. After 2 to 3 weeks, my car sold by them. If you wonder how to sell to car dealers, you should consider them to help you sell to direct car buyers to fetch you a higher price. Thanks brothers, will recommend my friends to them. 


Gan Jianwen – CAR SELLER

Agent is very polite, friendly and accommodating and fuss free transaction . Managed to sell car in a week at my desired price . Highly recommended if you have car to sell.


Raymond Soh – CAR SELLER

Was served by Leon CNU. Recommended by a friend, very steady bro! Everything was smooth and helped me all the way even out of office hours. Fast replies and clear breakdowns, even gave me advice out of his job scope. Rare in the motor industry, definitely would like to work with him again! 100% genuine and trustable. Small effort from me to write this review for the amount of effort he made to transact my cheap car lol. All the best Leon!


Mike Mak – CAR SELLER 

Leon and SY are professional in assisting in the sale of my car. Highly recommended if you have car to sell.



I would like to compliment Cars N U and their people for their good service. At first I was wondering how to sell a car in Singapore, but they make the process smooth and enjoyable. Friendly, professional and transparent through out the whole entire selling journey.

As this is the first time selling my car, there was lots of questions at first. But they are very patient to guide me and educate me. Really appreciate! Will definitely recommend Cars N U to my network. Great Job!



Leon & Jon help me sell car efficiently, resolve all my hassle of transferring ownership & deal with the questions that the customer ask. I sold it with a better depreciation instead of scraping it

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