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Guide to Find the Cheapest car in Singapore


Year after year, Singapore finds itself falling in the category of the top most expensive cities in the world. While there are many reasons for this ranking, one of the biggest is the cost of getting a car. Not only this, but the cost of running cars in Singapore can be incredibly high too. COE prices keep creeping upwards, much to the dismay of potential car owners. However, with this handy article, you needn’t fear! In this article, we bring you the cheapest car in Singapore. If you’re looking for a car that ticks every box in terms of performance and price, this is the purchase! With cheap and good cars being increasingly rare, we’re sure this article will be helpful. 

Cheapest car in Singapore, What to look for?

One of the biggest to consider when buying any car is your requirements. So, there are some steps to follow to find the right car. The size of your family, your everyday traveling needs, and other factors need to shape the car that you pick. Of course, the budget is essential as well. The car we discuss today won’t just cater to your budget. Instead, it offers fuel economy, good seating space, and is an incredibly practical choice. At Cars N U, we emphasize the most on everyman’s needs, and this is a car designed for just this purpose.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the Perodua Bezza 1.3 Premium X (A).

Cheapest car in Singapore, The Perodua Bezza 1.3 – an overview. 

As of 2020, Perodua Bezza 1.3 is the cheapest car in Singapore, costing $61,999. The Perodua Bezza is Perodua’s first venture into making sedans. Previously, the company stuck to making compact and reliable hatchbacks. The Bezza is genuinely a no-nonsense car, built for optimal functionality and practicality. It isn’t just the cheapest car in Singapore. It’s a car that’s the perfect size for families and singles looking for a good-sized budget car. If you want a car that can offer great features at a low price, keep reading.

Excellent fuel economy

The costs of owning a car in Singapore aren’t just limited to the one-time cost of buying the car. Fuel and other expenses add to the long-term cost of actually owning the car. The Bezza 1.3 Premium X is a car that performs spectacularly when it comes to fuel economy. For every liter, you can get up to 18km of mileage. The car’s aerodynamic design further helps improve fuel efficiency. This makes the Bezza Premium not just the cheapest car in Singapore to buy, but also to own in the long term.

A spacious, comfortable space

While one may expect the cheapest car in Singapore to lack many essential features, the Bezza 1.3 Premium performs well across all domains. The Bezza looks compact on the outside, but the inside is entirely different. All passengers are offered a great deal of leg space, and five passengers can be comfortably seated.

It gets better. The Bezza Premium offers a tremendous amount of boot space, with 508 liters. Therefore, Bezza outperforms many other, more expensive cars when it comes to seating and boot space. Space can make this car perfect for traveling long distances and carrying a lot of luggage.

A car that emphasizes safety

One of the essential features in this car is the Electronic Stability Control. This helps you regain control of the car in unexpected losses of traction. This feature is exceptional in fog or rainy weather, where driving can be dangerous. The Bezza also has fog lights and driver and front passenger airbags.

Cheapest car in Singapore, Other features

The Bezza 1.3 Premium is the cheapest car in Singapore that comes with keyless entry and start, luxe seating, and an audio system that has both Bluetooth and USB connections.

Bottom line

The Perodua Bezza Premium 1.3 is the cheapest car in Singapore and designed for the everyman. The Bezza Premium 1.3 is a car perfect for the everyday man. Whether you need the car for your family or just for yourself, it offers a slew of features that make it an affordable yet premium choice. If you’re still confused about the buying process, here are a few things to consider. We hope that with our help, you can get the car that suits you the best!

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