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Are you living with the burning desire to buy a new car but your budget is stopping you from fulfilling this wish? Cars N U is here to tell you there’s a way to make your wish come true. We bring our customers the lowest interest loans to be able to finance the car of your dreams.

What to Expect from Us?

Fair Prices

Whether you are up for selling or buying a car, we guarantee fair prices. We bring our customers the fairest valuation so that they get the most value of money from the deal.

Complete Transparency

We never keep our clients in the dark. The entire buying or selling process is kept transparent. You will know what’s going on and if you need guidance, our representative will help you in every step of the way.

Secure Transactions

Don’t worry about unsafe payments. Certified RC transfers ensure that your money is processed

We Handle The Paperwork

If you dread paperwork, Cars N U has got your back. We make filling and submitting paperwork hassle-free. Just bring the required documents along and we will take care of the rest. Sit back and relax while taking care of the process.

What Do You Get?

Say goodbye to length car selling and buying processes. We never waste your time or money with uncertain results. Not only that, we bring you offers you won’t find anywhere else. Our network includes car dealerships and financial institutions that are willing to provide a special price to our clients. You won’t find this kind of comfort and support anywhere else. Check out what Cars N U brings to the table for you:
  • Lowest interest loans
  • One-on-one assistance throughout the car buying process from a car specialist
  • Complete assistance overflowing paperwork
  • Lowest insurance quote

Why Choose Cars N U?

Anyone who is up for buying a car of their dreams or wants to get rid of their scrap vehicle, Cars N U is your best bet. We have helped several buyers and sellers in Singapore in achieving their dreams in the most hassle-free way. We aim to provide car buyers and sellers a whole new experience of browsing, buying, and selling their car. We deal with both used and new cars. Cars N U is a single avenue for all drivers to access all information about cars. We assist in all procedures from information related to the latest cars, used cars for sales, and assistance in getting a loan with the lowest interest rate. If you are here, look no further. We have got you covered.
  • We make the process smooth
  • Hassle-free way of buying and selling a car
  • Professional assistance to complete the purchase
  • We value your time



Our Values

Cars N U is on the mission to buy and sell a car in Singapore quickly and straightforward. Finding people you can trust in the process can be difficult especially if you are a new buyer or seller. Stay  away from scams, choose us instead! We have been serving customers in this industry for a long time, and we have several satisfied customers. We strongly believe in these values to deliver top-notch services to our customers:

  • Building an honest business that people can trust
  • Create a fun working environment for our team members
  • Building a professional company with high standards
  • Building a community where people can connect

Ditch Other Processes, Choose Cars N U

Buying a vehicle from a dealer or trading in your old car to get a new car is a lengthy process that most potential customers try to run away from. Buying a new or second-hand car doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Let Cars N U do everything on your behalf and bring you a deal you can’t resist. We will also do the paperwork for you. But everything will be kept transparent. That’s our promise.

Why choose any other dealer when you have got Cars N U at your service?
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How our CARS N U customer feels about us

Google Business Reviews
Willy Wu
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The good folks at Cars N U are the buddies you never knew you had. Leon and his team make their priority to have your best interests in mind, taking care of both buyer and seller at every turn.

Their keen and genuine approach made my whole sale process a smooth and reassuring one. I was a potential buyer turned seller after being impressed by the sincere spirit of Leon's service, despite not buying a car listing from them. Many dealers may simply move on to the next lead but Leon took it upon himself to offer his industry expertise and worked out a prospective offer to sell my car in a tight time frame set by me.

Despite the challenging timeline and the COVID pandemic market conditions, CNU were laser focused on the task, and any queries I had along the way were promptly addressed. I truly feel blessed by this chance encounter turned opportunity, and would not hesitate to engage Cars N U again. It is amazing to see them work and Leon is setting a service culture for the rest of the industry to emulate.
Nur Farhana
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Leon & Partner was exceptionally good! The car caught my eye and I contacted Leon to enquire.

He was very friendly and knowledgeable. Everything was super smooth, he booked an appointment for me to view the car and we close e deal at the first appointment. There were no hiccups at all, a very smooth sailing transaction! I got my car in less than a week or so without having to worry abt a single paperwork or so.

Everything was done swiftly and proper by Leon and partner. They were super efficient, transparent and humble. Thank you for making the journey of owning a family car possible. This is by far the best car transaction! Thank you Leon & partner!
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They are really responsible, helpful and friendly. Really like their service and transparent policy. I got my car sold just with one buyer review as they were really doing their homework to filter out the most potential buyer in order not to waste everyone's effort and precious time. Highly recommend them to all the direct seller or buyer
Kel Wong
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I would like to compliment Cars N U and their people for their good service. They make the process smooth and enjoyable. Friendly, professional and transparent through out the whole entire selling journey. As this is the first time selling my car, there was lots of questions at first. But they are very patient to guide me and educate me. Really appreciate! Will definitely recommend Cars N U to my network. Great Job!
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