Why is driving school important?

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Driving is an essential skill which every young boy or girl is supposed to learn when they come of age. Everybody needs to drive to lead an independent life with mobility. Though driving may seem to be an easy skill to you initially, learning it skillfully without erring takes a lot of effort to do. It’s not just about handling the steering properly, but the driver should also know all the rules and regulations applicable in the city or country. Learning how to drive through a driving school not only gives you the confidence in driving, but they teach you all of the basics of driving. It’s safe to say that going to driving school is an essential aspect of a skilled driver.

Why is driving school important?

If you’re debating whether to learn how to drive on your own or through a driving school, we would always recommend the latter. Driving schools, like SSDC, which is a multi-story driving circuit in Singapore and provides safe SSDC login to book your lesson online , are essential for driving skills. Below, we’ve listed some of the most important reasons why driving to school is so important.

Driving schools have a holistic syllabus.

The most important aspect of learning driving through a driving school is from the security point of view. The driving tutors imbibe in their students the importance of safety when driving. The driving schools teach their students all the road signs and what they need to do when they see them. There are various types of driving courses which you can buy and learn from driving schools. There are intensive driving lessons, regular driving lessons, refresher driving lessons and pass plus classes.

Learning the theoretical side of driving is also very important; it encompasses learning various signs and regulations in the state, which vary from state to state. Therefore, it’s essential to understand different rules. The application of rules learnt from a driving school will always determine a person’s driving abilities. In addition, the driving license issuing authorities also check a driver’s safety techniques during driving tests.

Increased Driving Confidence

Confident driving is an important requirement for a good driver. A driver lacking in confident driving could be hesitant while driving, erratic or might altogether freeze up, resulting in accidents. A professional instructor teaches how to handle all sorts of situations that a driver may come across when driving on the road. Driving schools also train drivers for various emergencies pertaining to car breakdowns that a driver may face on the road.

Driving with confidence starts right from the sitting position of a driver to holding the vehicle’s steering wheel. Driving is an enjoyable experience, but only when the driver is in a relaxed and stress-free frame of mind. A driver’s ability to drive confidently is greatly enhanced in a stress-free attitude to driving. Moreover, a confident attitude to driving dramatically affects one’s decision-making abilities which are essential in avoiding accidents. Motor vehicle accidents do not happen out of the blue. 

They are caused only when a driver makes a mistake like speeding or lack of concentration or driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or due to lack of sleep. But a relaxed driver is less likely to commit these mistakes.

Defensive Driving

What is defensive driving? Every driver spends a lot of time behind the driving wheels of a vehicle. Drivers and his family’s safety depend upon the ability of the driver to avoid accidents. Accidents take place when the driver breaks road rules or fails to apply appropriate safety skills. The safety of a motorist and his passengers is entirely in the hands of a driver. They need the agility of mind and application of safety techniques learnt in the driving school.

Good driving schools have wide-ranging defensive driving techniques, which they impart through their expert instructors to the learner drivers. It’s much cheaper to invest in a good driving school than getting involved in an accident. Professional instructors know many defensive driving techniques, which helps save the drivers’ precious lives and their family and friends. A driver learns how to anticipate a dangerous situation that could cause an accident and avoid this type of situation.

Personalized learning

Learning to drive through a school has another significant advantage that the instructors can teach each driver as per his level of understanding. Driving school instructors aren’t just driving experts, but they’re qualified educators too. They know how to tailor lessons to each student to ensure complete understanding. If you’re learning from a friend or family member, they may not know how to address your problem areas.

This way, the chances of human error are reduced to a minimum. A driving instructor from a reliable school can teach you in-depth about traffic laws, road signs and safety precautions. They can help you save on costly traffic fines in the long run, as they can ensure you remember and understand all lessons. Besides, in learning from family or friends, there is always the possibility of getting the wrong interpretation of the law.

Learning from a professional

Driving is one skill a person will be using for the rest of his or her life. So learning from someone who is doing this work all day long, six days a week, would make a tremendous difference. A professional instructor will be able to give you all the basics of driving safely and establishing a sound driving foundation for the years to come. In addition, a good driving instructor will always make sure that you have up-to-date knowledge of the road conditions, traffic rules, and any hazard one may encounter before he lets you drive on your own.

There’s no shortcut to learning. If you are trying to learn from a friend or family member, they do not have the proper training to teach driving in dangerous situations. They also don’t know all traffic rules, which complicate a straight learning skill, making you a confused driver.

If a driver already has some driving abilities, the professional instructor will immediately identify any weaknesses they may have and rectify any bad driving habits. In addition, an experienced instructor from a driving school can instill confidence in a driver to overcome any nervousness which may hinder their driving abilities.

Driving Records

Getting trained by a driving school helps you get your driving license, besides giving you proper driver training. They teach appropriate driving habits which can help you save on your car insurance by lower premium rates. With your clean driving records and no claims for several years, you can save up to 30% on your insurance premiums. The benefits of learning from a reputable driving school far outweigh the money spent on learning. Some may consider driving to school to be expensive. However, considering a professional driving school’s comprehensive teaching method, the money spent is an investment.

Most accidents are avoidable but only when the driver uses his skill and mind without panicking in a dangerous situation. But sometimes even the best drivers get involved in accidents which are the fault of the other drivers. For example, a well-trained driver would know how to handle this situation without panicking, all because of good training in a driving school. Therefore, a driver from a reputable school is always well prepared for any mishap on the road. Having an accident-free record is a significant achievement for a driver to possess. This is only possible if you have learnt from a well professional driving school.

Saves money

Some people may think that learning from family or friends would save them money compared to purchasing a course from a driving school like SSDC. But it is contrary to the fact. Because in the extended run, learning to drive from a professional instructor can save the driver a lot of money for the rest of his life. It is a well-known fact that a properly trained driver, for example, from SSDC, a professional driving school, would be a very confident and relaxed driver. Therefore, he is less likely to commit mistakes, get panicky in trying times or get involved in accidents. 

Encountering an accident could be very dangerous and expensive for a driver. However, when you have proper training, you can expect to be a safer driver. 

A professional instructor always prepares his trainee driver before sending him for the passing of his driving abilities. Failing to pass the test may cost him dearly money and time-wise because the driver may have to leave when going for the test. Thirdly, in case of an accident, an untrained driver may have to suffer trauma and injuries. These injuries can be very severe, which again can be a burden on his pocket, whereas the trauma can leave its effect on a person’s mental well-being, which again can be a financial burden for the person. Therefore, it proves that a professional driving school can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Which driving schools are best in Singapore?  

When it comes to going to a driving school, it’s essential to make the right decision. Not all driving schools are created equal. Some driving schools offer better training than others while also being cheaper. More importantly, many driving schools have halted practical training these days. This inconvenience is mainly due to the pandemic. Due to practical training being stopped, many aspiring drivers cannot complete their courses and are forced to wait long periods.

However, fortunately, a few high-quality driving schools in Singapore have resumed their practical classes from 22nd June. This is excellent news as you won’t have to wait at all to complete your driving training and can hit the road as soon as possible. More importantly, there’s no need to worry about safety precautions to avoid the spread of the virus, as trainers will already make sure everything stays safe. So, to help you make the right decisions, here are some of the best driving schools you can choose from. If you have your SSDC login credentials you can soon resume classes. 

Singapore safety driving center (SSDC) Provides SSDC Login to book lesson online

There couldn’t be a better option than the Singapore safety driving center (SSDC) to learn driving from. It is one of the few driving centers that’s offering practical training alongside theoretical knowledge. More importantly, SSDC is well-known to provide great lessons to students through highly skilled trainers. You can also purchase various courses as SSDC offers practical classes for motorcars, motorcycles, and even traffic police practical tests. They’ve also made it relatively easy for people to purchase and enroll in their courses through an online website. Cancellations can also be made online.

Bukit Batok driving center (BBDC)

However, if you don’t find SSDC suitable for yourself, another well-known driving center you can rely on is the Bukit Batok driving center (BBDC). BBDC also offers a variety of courses that you can take advantage of. They have skilled drivers that are known to carefully handle every situation on the road, passing on all the crucial knowledge to their students. Moreover, you’ll also have to create an online account to deal with all the bookings and cancellations. As a result, you won’t have to put yourself at risk. BBDC makes sure there are essential safety measures in place at all times.

ComfortDelGro driving center (CDC)

Another well-known driving center is the ComfortDelGro driving center (CDC). If you’re looking to learn driving, CDC may be one of your best options. They have car driving, motorcycle driving and traffic police courses that are all taught by experienced drivers. Skilled teachers will make sure you learn to drive safely and confidently once you’ve finished the course. What’s best is the CDC is also taking many safety measures to stop the spread of Covid-19. Instructor coaching shields and masks will be mandatory to use while training. Furthermore, there will also be safe check-ins and check-outs, alongside keeping all booking and cancellations online.   


  • Driving can be a hard skill to manage alone, but professional driving schools have the necessary expertise. 
  • They can save money, impart theoretical knowledge, and teach you all about the laws of the road. 
  • Driving schools also help you practically learn driving through a battery of theoretical and practical tests. 
  • If you are giving your driving test in Singapore, you can resume your practical tests from 22nd June. 
  • Some of the best driving schools to join include the SSDC, and Bukit Batok Driving Centre. 
  • Based on your location, you can apply to any of these schools. 

 Bottom line

Undoubtedly, driving is an essential skill that everyone should possess after a certain age. However, learning this skill requires a supervisor and trainers, so, make sure to learn driving from a school

If you’re interested in learning more about getting your driver’s license, you can find valuable information on Cars N U.

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