VRN Bidding: How to Bid for Your Number Plate in Singapore

VRN bidding

How and what is VRN Bidding – When purchasing a car, you have to get your vehicle registered with the motor vehicle registering authorities. The authorities allot a registration number to the vehicle after taking all the details of the vehicle. Then, they note the details about the owner, such as your name and address. After noting these details, a number is allotted to the vehicle, consisting of a unique combination of letters and numbers.

However, many owners often wish to get the number of their choice. For some car owners, this set of alphabets and numbers have a special significance. Unique car plate numbers often make your car stand out from the crowd. However, they also help in car identification. But most importantly, if you’ve bought a new car, for example, through CARS N U, getting a registration number is a must. Unfortunately, many new car owners struggle to get their preferred car plate number due to a lack of information or other reason. So, below we’ll talk more about how you can register your car while also receiving the car plate number of your choice.

Why have a bided number plate?

You may think that your car’s registration number holds no significance and it’s simply an administrative requirement. Custom registration numbers are indeed optional. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t have any importance. Perhaps the most common reason people bid on number plates is that they are considered a luxury. They enhance the value of your car significantly. Your car will be the center of attention only due to a bided number plate. 

However, as mentioned earlier, getting a unique number plate can also help with car identification. Moreover, many people own multiple cars and want their cars to share identity by having bided number plated. Some bided number plates also contain a specific meaning. For example, a unique number or letter combination can show a name or birth date. Similarly, you can get a bidded number plate to show hidden messages through your number plate.

How to bid (VRN BIDDING) for your chosen number

Now that you’re aware of the importance of a bided number plate, we can move on to getting one for your car. Before you get the number of your choice, you first need to check the list of numbers offered for bidding as not every number is available for bidding. Once you’ve chosen the most suitable number for your car, you can start bidding.

Regardless of the number plate, the lowest VRN bidding amount you can offer is $1000. Moreover, each bid you make must be in multiples of $1. Another thing to keep in mind is that a small non-refundable amount will be deducted from your bank account for each bid you submit. You’ll also need to fill in a few details before making the bid.

How to bid and register online (VRN BIDDING)

The method mentioned above defines the manual process of bidding for your number plate of choice. However, this is not suitable for everyone, as it’s often more preferable and convenient to register from home using an online method. Thanks to a dedicated Singapore government agency website from LTA, you can avoid the manual process and do VRN bidding from home. This way, you are more in control of the process of bidding, as it’s more clear. 

You first need to find the available VRN number by searching on the website. Once you’ve found your preferred VRN number, you can start bidding by providing the required information and $10.70 service fee via eNETS debit. The required information includes your email address, bank account details, contact number, and NRIC number. After providing this information, you can successfully submit your bid.

Checking your bid

After you’ve finished VRN bidding, you need to check the results to see if you’ve gotten your desired number plate or not. Your bidding results will be sent to you via email by the LTA, or you can view them yourself online on the website. You can also check the results for the main bidding exercise on Wednesday 12pm. Remember to also check your number plate’s validity date, which will be one year starting from 12 PM on Wednesday.

Takeaway for VRN Bidding

  • A number plate represents your car, making it an extremely important asset for any car owner. New car owners should especially focus on getting a number plate, as it’s mandatory.
  • A custom number plate attained through VRN bidding is a much better option than a simple one, as it provides many benefits.
  • From car identification to increasing the value of your car, you’ll never regret bidding on a number plate.
  • Please don’t be hesitant to start VRN bidding, as it’s a simple and easy process. Every step is clearly defined above.
  • What’s best is that you can also use the online method and get the best number plate easily.

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