Trade In to car dealer in Singapore, How To Boost The Value Of Your Car?

Many consumers are concerned about “trade-ins” when buying a new car from a car dealer in Singapore. A “trade-in” can be defined as a vehicle that you sell to the car dealer that you are buying another vehicle from. Some people believe that you are required to “trade-in” your vehicle, but this situation is not the case at all. In fact, trading in your car can be more confusing for you, as you then would have to deal with more than one set of figures during the negotiation process. Additionally, you can get more money for your older car by utilizing other methods to unload your older vehicle.

If you do decide to “trade-in” your used car, you can expect to get no more than the wholesale price for your car. Consequently, you will definitely not get the car price for the vehicle when you do sell your older car to that particular car dealer in Singapore. As a direct result, it is important to investigate other aspects so that you will get hundreds or even thousands more for the vehicle that you are trying to sell. Here’s how to boost the value of your trade-in car!

Make your car presentable to car dealer in Singapore:

Now that you have information concerning your used car’s approximate value, the next step is to ensure that your vehicle is in a presentable, clean state. Drive your used car to other dealers that sell used cars for comparison’s sake. Once you are at a used car dealer, simply ask the salesperson or manager how much car dealer in Singapore will give you for the vehicle. (In general, car dealers will offer you a price that is about 10-15% below the car’s wholesale value.) You then can accept the best offer that you receive from these auto dealers.

Of course, ensure that your car is properly cleaned and waxed so that the car dealer in Singapore cannot charge you a fee to complete this job for you at a higher price. It is also a good idea to change the radiator fluid, oil, and the oil filter, as people at the car dealership may look at this factor as an indicator of how well the vehicle has been maintained in general.

Provide service documentation

When you provide service documentation, it will boost your trade-in car’s value. The documentation may include the body or paint repair details, tire rotations, engine repairs, or any other fluid changes. .When you provide service documentation, it demonstrates how much care your car has received in your ownership.

Fix the Small Things

If you bring its maintenance up to date, then its value will be boosted. If your car has a sticky door and wonky window, you may live with them, but the car dealers will definitely notice them. It will end up bringing down the prices they have offered.

It doesn’t mean that you need to repair every issue of your vehicle. Just you need to make your vehicle presentable. The cost of repairs will be recouped from the cost you add to your trade-in car.

Check and clean the engine compartment.

Don’t forget to check and clean your engine compartment. Ensure that aren’t any oily rags, tools and empty bottles. If you have not time to clean your engine compartment, ask your detail company to clean it when detailing your car. If you are doing it yourself, always use a good degreaser.

Detail your ride

Not all people are interested in what is under the hood. However, some are more interested in how much visually appealing your vehicle is. That’s why make sure that your car is clean. A detailing job might cost less than $100, but it could boost the value of your trade-in car by several hundred dollars.

Don’t tie yourself to one car dealer in Singapore.

If you are not satisfied with the final offer that your car dealer offers you for your trade-in, then look for other options. In this case, don’t tie yourself to one dealer only; shop around at other dealerships too. You may get a .good offer than you were initially got. The reason is that demands can vary by location. Don’t expect to get a good quote for your trade-in car if the same vehicle has been sitting for a month.

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