Toyota Voxy Hybrid, Is It Too Good to Be True?

For decades, Toyota is a leading name in the automobile market, making its mark on its customers through innovative transport solutions and amazing products. They’ve manufactured hundreds of vehicles, ranging from affordable to pure luxury. In this article, we’ll look at another one of their finest creations, The Toyota Voxy Hybrid.

The first Voxy model came out back in 2001, and ever since, Toyota has made tweaks to the exterior and interior of this car to match the ever-changing market standards. The newest model adds to this car’s reliability, functionality, and general appeal to be a hit in the global market. So the question arises whether the hype around this boxy car is too good to be true or a legitimate deal? Let us find out:

Exterior of Toyota Voxy Hybrid:

Toyota Voxy Hybrid is an MPV with a square-shaped exterior to amplify the sitting space inside the car for the passengers. This family-oriented vehicle comes pre-loaded with 195/65R15 tires with a resin wheel cap for added safety. You can mechanically adjust the side-view mirrors, especially to save them from harm when going through tight spaces.

The interesting part of this vehicle is its front grille, which horizontally extends from the centre to the headlights, giving the car a classy shape. Speaking of headlights, we should also mention that the Voxy hybrid features LED fog lamps at the bottom of the front bumper to help you through testing weather conditions.

Interior of Toyota Voxy Hybrid:

The interior of the Toyota Voxy Hybrid leaves no stone unturned to get you a luxurious experience in this price range. This minivan makes a lasting impression with an autonomous gearbox, machine-controlled windows and rear doors, configurable light settings, Eco/EV modes, front and back cooling system, dependable airbags, and comfortable seats.

There is plenty of space inside the vehicle, and you can easily fit between seven to eight people. The seats are adjustable and can recline for the comfort of the passengers. You can pull down the back seats to add additional space in the trunk for your luggage. 


The Toyota Voxy Hybrid comes with a 1.8L engine with 134hp and provides up to 142Nm of torque. These specifications are ideal for pushing this large vehicle within the city or on the highway for a smooth driving experience. Being a hybrid, it has an electric motor that can significantly save cost on fuel. According to official sources, you can get a 23.8 km/liter mileage, which is a feat for this size and capacity car.


While a mid-range vehicle with many advanced features, the Toyota Voxy Hybrid doesn’t compromise its performance or the interior. It has tons of space inside and can be a perfect match for a person looking to buy a car for their family. As it can seat between seven to eight people, this minivan is a sweet deal for many in this price range.

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