Toyota Axio, An Ultimate Buying Guide 

The Toyota Axio is a five-seater sedan which is an advanced version of the popular model Toyota Fielder. It was first introduced to the Japanese market, which is the eleventh generation of Toyota Corolla. It is not so spacious as compared to Toyota Fielder. It is a great alternative for those who prefer sedans and don’t mind comprising boot space because it comes with station wagons. Toyota Fielder is larger in size and weight than Toyota Axio. That’s why it is more maneuverable and fuel-efficient, which makes it the best family car. In Singapore, Toyota Axio and its hybrid version are sourced from Japan via car dealerships. Here’s a brief review of Toyota Axio that helps you make a final purchase decision easier. 

Toyota Axio Engine:

There are two engine sizes for Axio, i.e., 1500cc and 1800cc. The different configurations are available for each size. The 1.5L is categorized in two different grades based on the engine size, i.e., Toyota Axio G and Toyota Axio X. For 1.8L, there is only one grade, i.e., Toyota Axio Luxel. It comes with more advanced features as compared to Axio X, like fog lights, alloy wheels, rear spoilers, and navigation.


Axio has a minimalistic yet functional interior like Toyota Fielder. The style of design is much like other models of Toyota. However, the Toyota Axio’s interior is more spacious than Fielder’s, especially at the rear. The driver’s seat can be adjusted vertically, horizontally, or even recline manually. At the front, the passenger seat can be reclined and adjustable. The legroom at the front is roomier, even for taller ones. At the back, the outer seats also have ample legroom. But, its middle seat may not fit a person with good height. 


This Toyota model is one of the most spacious models because of its wheelbase that provides ample space in the front and rear cabin. The exterior of Axio is also simple, and it doesn’t stand out. Its exterior closely resembles the other Toyota model like Toyota Belta with minor variations. If you want to enhance its aesthetics and make it more appealing, go for the one that has alloy rims.

Toyota Axio Fuel Consumption

The fuel consumption of Toyota Axio is better than Fielder because its weight is lower than Fielder. If you are looking for a car that has impressive fuel efficiency, then Axio can be your best ally. The fuel consumption of Toyota Axio 1500cc is 18.2 km/L, while Toyota Axio 1800cc comes with 15km/L fuel economy.

Bottom Line:

In conclusion, Toyota Axio is an excellent car for small-sized families. Due to its cheap maintenance costs and great fuel economy, it is quite popular in the business community. We recommend Axio to those who are looking for a reliable family car with good fuel economy. So, if you are looking for your next sedan at Cars N U, we can help you get into a pre-owned Toyota Axio that you will surely love. Head over to our website and buy your favorite sedan.

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