Selling car? How To Photograph Your Car for Sale faster

If you have already decided selling car to buy a new car, the first thing that comes to mind is to advertise it on qualified car platforms on the net. The second step is to do a photoshoot of your car to upload those images in your car, the only ad so that potential buyers can see it to make you an offer. The reality is that expensive professional cameras are not needed so that in the photos you can increase the attractiveness of your car, just a cell phone camera and these tips that we provide below are enough.

Choose a good quality camera.

It doesn’t say that you will necessarily need a professional camera, but at least you will have to put in a little effort to provide good quality images. So choose a device with at least a definition of 8 megapixels. Most recent smartphones will do this job better.

Pick the best time of day.

If you thought about photographing your car during your lunch break in a parking lot, forget it. The light is too bright at noon, and your photos will appear washed out. Likewise, do not take pictures at night, as a camera flash is a poor substitute for sunlight.

The best time of day to take pictures of your car is at sunrise or sunset. Photos taken will be less likely to be overexposed, and the light has a warm appearance that enhances the colors in photos. Ideally, opt for the 7 am – 9 am time slot.

Multiply the shots

To get a real idea of the vehicle, consider taking several photos in a horizontal format. Usually, 5-6 photos are enough; it all depends on what you have to show:

  • 2-3 different viewing angles for the exterior of the used car
  • 1 photo of the inside of the hood
  • 2 photos of the interior of the vehicle: for the driver’s seat and for the front passenger compartment (dashboard, gear lever, steering wheel, etc.)
  • 1 photo of the odometer

Take photos from different angles of the selling car

The angle in which you put your car will have a big impact on the quality of your photo. Avoid photographing the car directly (i.e., at eye level). Instead, take a low-angle (view from below) or high-angle (view from above) photo. If you only need one good grip from the car, a ¾ front angle is always a winner.

Reflection and Shadows: 

A shiny car has the effect of reflecting its surroundings. Play around with the angle you want to use to minimize these reflections. The same applies to the shadow you cast. By no means is it good to see your shadow when trying to photograph a car. If your shadow ends up in a photo, rotate your device to try and escape it.

Don’t forget the background:

Next to the car, the most important element in taking a great photo is its location. You don’t have to show the exact spot where the car is parked, so look for a nice spot to make your photo stand out. Cityscapes can work too – colorful walls or contrasting surfaces without too much detail usually give the best results. Avoid garbage cans, passers-by, and other signs in the background.

Choose the landscape format:

This is the simplest advice but also the one that can have the greatest impact. By turning your phone 90 degrees, you already increase your reservation number by 50%. Even the images are optimized in landscape format.


It is common to see an interior taken out with a flash. Never do it. The flash illuminates things that the human eye cannot see: upholstery textures and stains, broken seams, and even dirt on the pedalboard rubber. Take the photo with even light (a cloudy day would be ideal). Taking the photo of the interior at night and without flash can be a good option to dazzle with the lights of the dashboard and the cabin.

Front and back photos

You must not make the mistake of believing that these photos are not important. They are surely the least creative but the ones that most identify a specific car model. It is convenient to use a polarizing filter to avoid reflections, but when doing so, it must also be taken into account that you will eliminate reflections from the bodywork.

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