Road trip essentials you need to have in your car

Some people don’t keep anything in their cars while others have a lot of road trip car essentials.  In this digital world, there are a number of car essentials that we think every car owner should have on their cars. Let’s find out together what you need to have in your car for the right occasion.

The charger for Road Trip

Whether it’s for a long journey, or for the usual daily trips it doesn’t matter, having a charger in your car is almost essential nowadays. And as long as you don’t have a fairly modern car with lots of wireless charging, USB sockets, and cables supplied, the old and good car charger to be connected to the cigarette lighter socket cannot be missing from the essentials. Around there are all types, with extensions or without, with four or more ports. But the best compromise remains perhaps the classic double grip solution.

Car holder for smartphone

There is little to do, finding good support for holding your smartphone is perhaps even more necessary than the car charger we were talking about driving a car with a few years on your shoulders. The market offers all types, with the classic suction cup hooks for the windshields or the slats that are placed in the spaces of the air vents, again, the “clothespin” ones to be fixed directly on the dashboard.

Mpow Bluetooth FM transmitter

You can go for the Mpow FM transmitter if you don’t have the AUX input or Bluetooth. It connects to the 12V car’s socket that works as a power supply. When you turn on the device, the free frequency will be displayed that hangs onto the radio. You can connect it to the Bluetooth of your mobile phone to enjoy your favorite music in the car speakers.

Tire sensors for Car trip

With this, we move on to something really useful, an accessory that those who do not have a modern enough car could appreciate a lot. The sensors for tires serve to monitor the pressure values of each tire. They usually function as wireless devices that are mounted in place of the classic valve covers, sensors paired with a control platform to be placed on the dashboard.

The Bluetooth receiver for Road trip

if you want to modernize your stereo system without spending exorbitant amounts and enjoy the convenience of wireless music and more, just a Bluetooth receiver to be inserted into the 3.5 mm audio jack input of the stereo and you’re done. It is one of the road trip car essentials. Of course, the price to pay is the audio quality that we all know is less than a wired connection, or especially that of good and old CDs.

Coffee machine

You know, traveling by car, driving for hours is mentally (but also physically) debilitating. And if stopping in a bar is impossible for reasons of time or for some reason you find yourself standing still in the traffic, here is an object like a coffee machine for cars can be useful.

A travel refrigerator

A travel refrigerator is a great car essential to use on the go, but not only, is the portable refrigerator, an object that can be useful for several occasions. Do you want to store food or drinks, do you want not to waste drugs, shopping or anything else, pondering the purchase of such an accessory to be connected to the car’s 12V socket is a good idea.

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