Road Traffic Act Singapore – Driving offences and their punishments

In Singapore, The road offences are governed by the LTA, i.e. Road Traffic Act. It also regulates the users of roads, road traffic and use of vehicles. Here we will discuss some common road traffic act Singapore and their prescribed penalties if the drivers flout the law.

What does the Road Traffic Act cover?

The Singapore traffic police department takes the matter of safety very seriously. That’s why there are strict laws regarding vehicle offences, use of mobile phones and dangerous driving on the road. Let’s have a look what does the road traffic act Singapore cover.

Use of mobile phone while driving

Using a mobile phone is a dangerous act when you drive the car. Moreover, you will be a hazard to other road users and drivers on the road. In section 65B, a person shall be guilty of an offence if he drives a vehicle while using a mobile phone simultaneously. The offender will pay the fine of S$1,000 or 6 months imprisonment or both. 

The offender will be liable for a fine of up to S$2,000 or imprisonment for 12 months or both for the repeat offence or subsequent conviction. If you are holding the mobile phone and it powered off, then there is no penalty for it. However, if your mobile phone is switched on and you are sending an SMS while holding it, it might be an offence even you have not sent the SMS yet. If your smartphone is mounted on a phone holder or on the dashboard, then it is legit.

If a motor vehicle driver caught using the mobile phone during the driving, he/she would be charged in the court. The offender will be likely to be disqualified from driving. 

Driving on road traffic under the influence of alcohol or drugs

The road traffic act Singapore section 67 stated that if a person drives under the influence of alcohol, intoxicating substances or drugs that make the drivers incapable of having control of his car is considered as an offence.

Drink driving penalty Singapore is S$1,000 and 12 months imprisonment in jail. Under the 67 section, if the alcohol level will exceed the prescribed limits in the body of the driver, it will be considered an offence.

The prescribed limits are:

  • 35 μg (micrograms) of alcohol/100ml of breath
  • 80mg of alcohol (milligrams) of alcohol/ 100ml of blood

Dangerous driving on road traffic

This act also covers reckless driving in section 64. If a driver drives his car recklessly, which is dangerous to other people on the road can be an offence. But there are some factors that take into account such as its nature, how many vehicles were on the road and use of the road. The driver will be liable for a fine of S$3,000 and 12 months imprisonment or both. For the repeated offender, the fine will not be more than S$5,000 or 2 years imprisonment and disqualification of license.

Road Traffic Offences vs. Vehicle-Related Offences

Here one thing you must understand that there is a difference between vehicle-related offences governed by LTA (Land Transport Authority) and offences that are governed by the road traffic act Singapore (RTA).

Land Transport Authority’s offences are purely focused on road usage management. On the other hand, Offences that are governed by road traffic act are focused on ensuring the motor drivers practice safe driving conducts. The common vehicle-related offences include the illegal parking, ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) violation, illegitimate vehicle modifications and driving in bus lanes during the operating hours of these lanes. On the other hand, road traffic offences include exceed the speed limit, reckless driving, driving under the influencer of drugs, use a smartphone while driving and more.

Exceeding the speed limit

Section 63 of the road traffic act states that if a motor drive exceeds the speed by driving at a speed greater than prescribed optimal speed for the vehicle, then the person shall be guilty of an offence. The offender will be prosecuted in court.

Driving when the license is suspended or without a qualified license 

According to the road traffic act Singapore, a person who drives on the road when his driving license was suspended, he will be considered as an offender. On the other hand, if a driver has not qualified license shall be liable to a fine up to exceeding $10,000 or to imprisonment for the term 3 months to 3years or both. 

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