How to Renew Road Tax Singapore

How to renew road tax Singapore – Owning a car isn’t as simple as picking out your dream vehicle and hitting the roads – at least not in Singapore. Car ownership comes with a range of responsibilities that you must fulfill not only when you buy the car but also as long as you continue to own it. Renewing Road Tax are one such responsibility that all car owners need to fulfill as long as they have cars. These annual taxes can take up a big chunk of the total cost of car ownership in Singapore and are intended for one primary reason. If you’re a new car owner and looking to LTA renew road tax, keep reading below to find out how!

Part 1: Fulfil the prerequisites for LTA Renew Road Tax Singapore

Before you head over to pay your annual or half-yearly road tax, there are specific prerequisites you must fulfill. You need to ensure that these requirements are fulfilled at least three days in advance. The first requirement is that you need to clear all your fines or warrants that are unpaid. These can be cleared from the relevant authorities such as the traffic police, LTA, or URA. Another essential requirement is that you pass the vehicle inspection. If your vehicle hasn’t been inspected yet, you’ll receive a notification three months before scheduling an appointment. These inspections are only conducted at LTA authorized centers.

Having car insurance coverage for your vehicle is also necessary, as is having valid parking certificates if you own a heavy vehicle. Lastly, if you own a weekend car or a revised off-peak car, get your vehicle plate seals inspected at any LTA authorized centers.

Part 2: Check your fees

Much of the road tax in Singapore contributes to the overall high cost of car ownership. One of the primary reasons for this tax is to help regulate the number of cars on Singapore’s streets to combat congestion. This is why LTA renew road tax varies for every vehicle depending on the make, age, and condition, amongst other things. These factors are all assessed in the vehicle inspection. You can quickly check how much road tax you need to pay by checking your engine age and capacity. Additionally, you can also check your registration number.

If your vehicle is more than ten years old, you may have to pay an additional surcharge when you LTA renew road tax. This can range from 10-50%, based on how old your car is. Additionally, there can be extra charges for off-peak cars.

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Part 3: Pay your fee!

Once you have all your documentation, checks, and fines in order, paying your fee is extremely easy. There are three routes you can pursue to pay your fee; below, we shall discuss each one.

Online LTA renew road tax Singapore.

This is easily the best option if you don’t feel like going out and physically paying for the renew road tax LTA. You can easily avail the online service from 6 am to midnight. You can quickly pay using your credit or debit cards with any selected banks for your LTA renew road tax.

AXS Stations

This is the second most comfortable way for you to LTA renew road tax. AXS stations are available all across the city, and you can follow the instructions displayed on the monitor to pay your road tax quickly. Much like the online payment method, AXS stations are functional only from 6 am to midnight. All you need to do is remember to fulfill all your ITA renew road tax requirements fulfilled beforehand, three days in advance.

General Interbank Recurring Order (GIRO)

This method is slightly tricky, compared to the rest. It requires you to fill out an application form that you need to submit at least one and a half months in advance. Once the application is approved, your future renewal of road tax will be done through GIRO.

Visit Singpost or Road Tax Collection Centers

This method is excellent if you want to pay your road tax in person. Just be sure to take along original prerequisite documents, and your road tax certificates as well.

renew road tax singapore

Bottom line

Going for road tax renewal can be tricky, especially the first time around. At Cars N U, we wish to serve and bring happiness to everyone who needs our help. We hope that this guide will simplify the process for you and help in road tax renewal on time.

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