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Popular automobile in Singapore, Which car is it?

There are nearly one million cars in Singapore and Japanese, South Korean and German automobile brands are taking the lead in the country. BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, and Volkswagen have a great clout and star power in Singapore. But the top slot could go to Toyota and Honda. These two brands often swapped the top places but remained at the top place. According to the LTA (Land Transport Authority) 2019 registration figure, Honda did the best with 15,205 car sales last year. Honda is taking the lead due to the maintenance of its sales in the last year close to its 2018 levels. So you can say that Honda is the clear winner when it comes to the most popular automobile in Singapore. So let’s have a look at how Honda is the bestselling car in Singapore?

What is the most popular automobile in Singapore?

As we mentioned above, Honda is spotted at the number one place when it comes to the most popular car brand by sale in Singapore. The most used card of this brand is Honda civic, which is the new favorite of the Singapore people. Let’s dig deep into the features that make it the number one vehicle in Singapore.

Most popular Honda Civic models 2019

Honda Car model

Pros: The 2019 Honda Civic comes with better braking, loads of safety features, edgier new styling, standard equipment, and new suspension.

Cons: It is more expensive than models from other automobile companies.

The reputation of Honda civic holds a lot of weight when it comes to reliability. It is considered a more capable automobile for families due to its large interior and loads of great features. Moreover, its great fuel economy and improved safety features make it a popular car in Singapore. If we talk about Honda sedan, it is a more maneuverable and economical choice for you and your family. Honda’s ride is more compliant than ever due to its fairly high speed, unlike its predecessors. If you are looking for a new Honda car, Car N U is the best place in Singapore to buy your dream car.

How Honda is the bestselling automobile in Singapore?

The Japanese automobile giant Honda has conquered the first spot in the 2019 most popular car ranking. Thanks to its beautiful design and impressive performance that compel more people to buy this car brand. However, in 2017, Honda was in the 2nd position, whereas its rival Toyota was on top. If you have checked the first four ranked brands for car sales in Singapore in 2019, you will see the Japanese, German, and South Korean automobile giant are on the top position i.e., Honda, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, and Hyundai.

There is no surprise that Honda civic is the most popular car in Singapore, but how Honda did, it is interesting. According to the LTA’s figures, they include the parallel imports (PI) and the official units when it comes to taking data about car registration. 

What are the most popular Honda Civic car models In Singapore?

Honda Civic sedan is the most loved automobile by the people in the family sedan segment. However, only 15.4% of Honda’s total sales were Honda sedan, and almost all of them were civics. While 33.7% of sales came from Honda Civic hatchbacks and 28% were SUVs. On the other hand, the official most popular models of Honda are Jazz hatchback and HR-V small SUV.

So which Honda Civic model do you want to buy? Let Cars N U know in the comment box!

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April 12, 2021
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