Mercedes GLB 200, The Good, the Bad, and the Necessary Details

If you’re in the market looking for a Mercedes SUV with more than five seats, you are limited in your options with only two models to choose from, i.e., GLE 300D and GLS 350D. Neither of these vehicles lies within the optimum spending limit for most people. However, we have an alternative in the market now with the introduction of the Mercedes GLB 200

GLB 200 is the least expensive SUV from the Mercedes Benz that can house up to seven people at a time. But is it worth the purchase? Let us look at some crucial aspects of this car.

The Exterior and Engine of GLB 200:

The Mercedes GLB 200 supports a sportier kit with a diamond-patterned grille at the front of the vehicle. There is chrome plating on the front and rear bumper that shines ever so brightly on a sunny day. Being part of the AMG line, this vehicle has chunky wheels with 19-inch alloys. However, somewhat unnecessary, a diffuser at the back adds to the aerodynamics while driving. It also has aluminum roof rails, adding to the height of this car.

It has a 1.3L engine that can produce up to 163 horsepower, being relatively optimum for a seven-seater SUV. If you’re wondering about the fuel economy, Mercedes claims that this car can reach up to 17.3 Liters/km in mixed driving conditions. 

The Interior, Capacity, and Infotainment System of GLB 200:

The interior of GLB 200 is relatively premium, as you would expect from Mercedes. The leather seats, luxury floor mats, the carbon structure trim, and the three-row seating design come together for a classy yet sleek interior. The capacity to hold up to seven people could be a crucial convincing point for many buyers. If unused, you can pull down the back and middle seats to make more room for your luggage. The seats also recline back or forth, and you can adjust them as per your needs. 

The infotainment system houses a seven-inch LED that offers digital information, the status of your vehicle, and a voice command response system. You can swipe the digital contents by using the panel next to the driving seat, buttons on the steering wheel, or simply by touching the screen. 

A brief review of Pros and Cons of GLB 200:


  • Least expensive seven-seater car from Mercedes
  • Sporty and premium design
  • Classy interior
  • Adjustable and collapsible seats
  • Expandable storage 


  • The back seat is not able to house a tall person
  • The digital screen glares in direct sunlight
  • The driving experience is a bit noisy, especially on the highway

Worth the buy?

So what’s the final verdict from us on this vehicle? We would give this SUV a thumbs up for everything it includes. GLB 200 is pretty much the only car in this class that offers additional seating, an SUV design, and the label of a premium brand.

If you’re looking to buy the Mercedes GLB 200, we at CARS N U can help you get car insurance and loans to assist you with the purchase.

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