Mercedes GLA 180 vs Mercedes GLE 300: The SUV Comparison

As we all know, Mercedes are known for their luxury-loaded classy cars that are beautiful yet practical. With new vehicles coming out every year, it isn’t easy to keep track of the progress, especially for someone who only does their research on cars when an imminent vehicle purchase is around the corner. This article will discuss the similarities and differences between the SUVs from the prestigious brand Mercedes. Read on to discover a detailed comparison of Mercedes GLA 180 and Mercedes GLE 300d.

Mercedes GLA 180:

Mercedes GLA 180 has a sportier design as classy, refined and well-manufactured as the other Mercedes SUVs. It features 19-inch alloy rims and a boot capacity of 495L for convenient cargo transport. With the seats down, you can expand the boot capacity to 1235L for carrying bigger luggage such as bicycles and tents. 

The Mercedes GLA 180 has a four-cylinder turbocharged engine unit with a capacity of 1595cc that pushes the car to a top speed of 200km/hr. You can also choose from four different driving modes to fit your current driving needs: comfort, eco, sports, and individual.

The headlights, Mercedes grille, striking taillights, infotainment system, steering wheel controls are standard across all models. The interior is spacious enough so even taller people won’t feel cramped. The seats have a sporty design that accommodates the passengers well, even on longer journeys.

Mercedes GLE 180:

Mercedes GLE 300d lies on the other end of the spectrum than the GLA 180. It has a striking exterior with many shiny components to increase the general appeal of the car. It comes with standard 20-inch alloy wheels with a choice to upgrade them to 22-inches. With a spacious interior, loads of boot space (630L) and an option to install two extra seats in the back, this car brings the essence of practicality to life.

The engine of this car is a 1950cc turbocharged diesel unit with plenty of pulling power to move the boxy vehicle around with ease. It features a nine-gear transmission with paddle shifts and a sports mode that brings the monster out of this car. 

It is a considerably large vehicle being 11cms longer than its predecessor. Although a drawback to some people, the large size makes the interior incredibly spacious for tons of leg and headroom. There are storage compartments almost everywhere in the car, such as bottle holders, cup holders, elastic nets and much more.

Final Verdict: 

To conclude, the Mercedes GLA 180 is an entry-level SUV that offers the brand associated class at a much lower price than the GLE. This statement doesn’t mean the GLE is an overpriced car, as its updated engine and the sleeker interior make up for its price tag. If money isn’t an issue, you should give GLE a go for a detailed Mercedes experience. On the contrary, if you want the same luxury but with lower specs, opt for the Mercedes GLA 180.

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