Mercedes c180 vs Mercedes e180: The Ultimate Comparison

Modern car manufacturers are pushing the limits to achieve new heights of practicality and comfort in their vehicles. Mercedes c180 is an example of the above statement as it comes loaded with luxury, elegance, reliability, and safety features. But how well does it fare against its parent class, Mercedes e180? Does it give stiff competition to the E-class or falls short in every aspect? Let’s find out.

Mercedes C-Class vs. Mercedes E-Class Exterior:

Since these two cars belong to the same family, they have many design similarities. These include the trademark brand grille with the Mercedes logo on top, powerful headlights, and sharp curved lines on the vehicle’s body. The C-Class, however, has a sportier look than the E-Class. The sculpted sides and bold components add to the overall aggressiveness of the car. 

On the other hand, E-Class looks more elegant, classy, and evolved due to the absence of excessive body styling. It is slightly longer than the C-Class due to the elongated cabin and boot. 

Mercedes C-Class vs. Mercedes E-Class Interior:

Mercedes C180 has one of the best interiors in its class that features an interactive infotainment system, high-quality build, comfortable seats, and much more. It takes much of its inspiration from the S-Class for an up-to-date interior design. Additionally, it has plenty of boot space (480L) to be practical for most people looking for a spacious car. However, headroom can be a slight problem, especially for taller people, due to the curved roof design.

Contrarily, the e180 aims for a luxury level above the mainstream. It feels like a reinvention of the S-Class interior with several added features to make it even better. Since the cabin is longer in e180, there is more leg space for a comfortable ride. And this practical beast has a staggering 540L boot capacity and a wider boot opening than the Mercedes c180 to load objects easier.

Mercedes C-Class vs. Mercedes E-Class Engine:

The C-Class features a four-cylinder 1595cc turbocharged petrol engine which is more than capable enough to guide you around the corners or race you through a highway with ease. It pumps out numbers of 156bhp power and 250Nm torque. 

Interestingly, the Mercedes E180 has the same engine as the Mercedes C180 with similar performance numbers. It is a rear-wheel-drive and features a nine-speed automatic transmission. Since the e180 is a heavy vehicle, you might be worried about the relatively smaller engine. But don’t sweat. The engine roars through the uphill roads with incredible ease, so you never feel like the car is struggling.

Final Verdict:

All in all, it depends on your requirements for a purchased vehicle. If lesser interior space is not an issue for you, you can pick the sporty C-Class that is fun and comfortable to drive. It also costs less than the E-Class while providing the similar driving experience.

On the other hand, if you want to go for something luxurious, spacious, and mature, you can opt for the E-Class. You’ll have to spend more money, but it’ll be well worth the extra investment. 

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