Learn Driving in Singapore – Knowing all the Basics

Learn Driving in Singapore is one of the most exciting new phases of our lives. Once we’ve mastered the art of driving, we have newfound mobility and independence that is unparalleled. There’s no more waiting to find a cab or checking bus schedules over and over. All we need to do is grab our car keys and go. However, getting a license isn’t that simple. It’s a process that’s time-consuming and often, money consuming too. If you’re going to learn driving in Singapore, keep reading below to learn just what you should expect.

Number 1: be prepared to pay up to Learn Driving.

Getting a license in Singapore really isn’t cheap. From registration fees to paying for classes and special lessons, there’s a lot you have to pay for. Before heading out to learn driving in Singapore make sure that you have some savings, you can use to pay all the fees. Fees from driving schools often increase as well, so make sure you stay updated on all costs.

Number 2: start studying!

Once you’ve paid and registered for the driving test, its back to the books. Here are some of the tests that you need to prepare for.

The Basic Theory Test to Learn Driving

The BTT is the first test that you have to prepare for when you learn driving in Singapore. This aims to test out your knowledge of the Highway Code and the basics of driving, and it’s essential that you pass this test before you move on to the next step. You can choose to either register with a driving school, or you can prepare privately. If you choose to prepare privately, you can access the highway code and the BTT textbook online, and do a ton of mock tests before you take the real test. Even if you’re a private candidate, you need to register with a driving school to take the test.

The Final Theory Test

After passing the FTT, you have a timeframe of 2 years, in which you need to pass the practical driving test.

Number 3: Get your provisional license.

If you pass the Basic Theory Test and the Final Theory Test, you can qualify to get a provisional license! Just head over to the Traffic Police Center closest to you, and pay the fee, and get your provisional license. After this, you can start taking practical driving lessons too and learn driving in Singapore. 

Number 4: Learn Driving lessons!

With the theory tests out of the way, you get to the fun part of learn driving in Singapore. When taking driving lessons, you can choose to either work with a private instructor or with a driving school. Driving schools typically require that you take a set number of classes before you’re allowed to take the driving test, and you have to pay for each class. The minimum requirement is around 20-25 classes, with each costing around $69-86. You have two years to complete 20-25 classes and then pass the driving test.

Number 5: The final driving test

After completing all your hours of classes, you can finally take the test. The Practical Driving Test or the PDT has two phases. In the first phase, you have to drive on a driving circuit. In the second phase, you get to head out onto public roads. Of course, the driving instructor is always with you to monitor your progress. Any small mistakes you make will result in points being deducted, but serious mistakes give you an instant fail. This can be one of the most challenging parts of the entire process of learn driving in Singapore. You will be checked not only on how you follow road regulations, but how you deal with other users on the road. So, be sure you’ve mastered it all before you take the test!

The bottom line

Once you’ve completed the driving test successfully, you can head over to the driving center to get your license. At Cars N U we vow to be as helpful and supportive of everyone in the community as possible. So, we hope this guide helps prepare you for the exciting yet scary process of learn driving in Singapore. After getting a license, the next step is getting a car, and we can help too!

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