IMM Parking Rate, A Mini Guide

IMM Parking Rate, A Mini Guide – IMM (International Merchandising Mart Mall) is a stalwart of the west region of Singapore. Its revamping and development entice more people to visit it every day. It has become a new reason to visit the west region more often. IMM has a unique architectural structure that has retail outlets, office, and warehouse spaces as well. With estimated 600 companies in IMM, it is the one-stop location for clothing, renovation, furniture, and other lifestyle needs. It is also an excellent place for foodies as there are over 46 eateries out there. 

Moreover, IMM has a multi-story car park with 1300 parking lots. There are 5 levels of sheltered parking spaces and one level of open-air parking space for car parks. Best of all, it offers free parking too. With indoor and outdoor parking space, IMM also provides free shuttle bus services for the visitors, which is available from Monday to Friday during lunch hours. Whether you are going to IMM to shop or dine in, read this guide to learn about IMM parking rate and promotions. 

IMM Car parking operation timings:

The operation hours of IMM are from 10 am to 10 pm, but parking is available round the clock. Like other malls, the car parking rates are different during 24 hours.

IMM parking rates: 


IMM offers free entry for the first hour, but after the first hour of car parking, you will be charged S$1.07, which is a relatively cheap parking rate as compared to other malls. If you happen to visit IMM on the same day, you have to pay S$1.07. IMM offers ten minutes grace period for car parking.

1st hour Free entry
2nd hour or 1st hour of subsequent same-day entry S$1.07
Subsequent 15 Minutes S$0.30

Weekend and public holidays:

Saturday night and Sunday are probably the busiest time because more and more people head to IMM for shopping, dine-in, or other entertaining activities. Public holidays are no different. On the weekend, you have to pay S$1.07 for the first two hours. Here is the full breakdown of the IMM parking rate for weekends and public holidays. If you are popping by the IMM quickly on the weekend, it offers 20 minutes grace period.

First 2 hours   S$1.07 (1st entry only)
3rd hour of first entry or 1st hour of subsequent same-day entry S$1.07
Subsequent 15 Minutes S$0.30

Free parking at IMM

Drive to IMM often? IMM is probably the only place on Jurong that free car parking for the first hour. IMM has more than 1300 parking lots, including outdoor and indoor parking. This Complimentary parking is free for one hour on weekdays every day at IMM. With free parking, there are ten minutes and twenty minutes grace periods on weekdays and weekends, respectively.

Free parking 1st hour free on Monday to Friday

After the first hour of the car park, S$1.07 will be charged and 30 cents for the subsequent fifteen minutes thereafter.

IMM mall got a lot of competition from the other malls located in Jurong, but its affordable car parking rates and free car parking offer for the first hour make it the best and cheapest place for car parking.

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