I Forgot to buy my EDay License. Help

eday license

E license or e-day license is very important to drive for Off-Peak Drive Scheme, WEC and ROPC. There are several benefits of using your EDAY License in your daily life in Singapore. However, in case you forgot to buy your e license, there is nothing to worry about. At CARS N U, we will tell you what solutions can help you out if you forget to buy your e license. 

When you Pulled Over 

The first and most important thing to consider when you forget your e license is honesty and commitment. If the police pull you over, do not panic and be specific to the police. Tell them you forgot to buy it. Provide police with your details if they need them or ask for them, such as your full name, date of birth, and address. 


If you forget to buy your eday license, you have to pay a fine for driving violation because forgetting to buy e license does not allow you to drive; that is more than your driving license registration fees. However, nothing to worry about if you forgot your e-day license. But the worst LTA can do with you is that you can face a fine of S$30 in case of violation. It is S$10 more than the cost of an e-license as long as you pay then within 72 hours. 

Online Application for Day Licensing 

The best solution for this problem could be an online application for e license purchase. You can buy your eday licence from the e-services section of LTA and one motoring. Even you can buy it via your mobile phone using the Mobile Pay app. However, this appeal will need a genuine reason why you forgot to buy your license. For example, you need to mention a genuine reason, such as an emergency. It will help you to avoid termination for driving. 

Make an appeal:

On one motoring website, you can file an appeal with an explanation of why you are paying late. You might be paying late due to an emergency situation. This option is applicable to those people for whom three days have passed since they used their vehicle outside off-peak car times, i.e. 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Motorists are expected to pay S$5,000 if they can’t give a good excise to LTA why they are paying late. For repeat offenders, the penalty is up to S$10,000.

Getting an EDAY License

E-day license of OPC can be obtained for S$20 at any AXS station. When you get the e-day license, then you can only drive within the restricted hours. You can buy it for S$20 at one motoring, SingPost, m-station and e-stations of AXS and Automobile Association of Singapore. You can’t drive your car on the roads of Singapore during the restricted hours without having an e-Day license. If you have used your car during these hours without this license, you have time until 11:59 pm of the next day to buy it. If you fail to do so, you have to pay a fine of $30 and 3 days to make a declaration to the land and transportation authority Singapore (LTA).

Take away

  • If you forgot to buy an e-day license, it might end up with S$30 fine
  • You can buy it for S$20 at AXS, one motoring, SingPost and others
  • To avoid fine, you can make an appeal to LTA and ask a good reason why you were not able to but it on time.
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