How to Get the Most Cash for a Scrap Car?

Do you have a car that’s of no use to you? That scrap car can be sold for cash, fetching you a handsome amount. But, how can you ensure that you get the most cash for a scrap car? Are there any tips and tricks to ensure you get the best sale price for it? Yes, there are. Cars N U has come up with some clever tips that will help you get the most for your scrap car. So are you ready? Let’s get into it!

Why you need to scrap your car:

If someone wants to scrap his car, this might be due to finding a new car model, getting his car into a road accident, expensive car repair, or he feels it’s the right time for a change and uses the one that serves you better. However, removing each part of your car seems like a hassle, but you would likely get the most cash for your scrap car. It’s true you can get the most cash value of your scarp car if you strip it into parts and sell these auto parts separately. 

But it is not as easy as it sounds; you need to have the right tools and skills to remove these parts safely that require a lot of effort and time. Once you manage to strip your car into parts, of course, you will need to find a buyer who purchases those auto parts at a good price. 

This is nearly impossible for a person because a car has over thirty thousand parts that you can’t remove. Moreover, it takes months to do this task. That’s why almost everyone chooses a hassle-free option instead of investing time and effort. They choose to scrap their car for cash at a local scrapyard or junkyard. 

What factors influence the prices of scrapping cars?

Most people ask this question, ‘how much will I get for scrapping my car’? There is no simple answer to this question because it depends on many factors that determine your scrap car’s worth. Let’s see what heaps of variables decide how much money you will receive: 

The size and weight of the car

As you know, the market value of a scrap car depends on how much weight your car has. If your car is bigger in size and has more ton-weight, you will get the most cash for your scrap car. It is because that heavy car has more scrap metal that influences the price. For instance, a bulky Ford Expedition has more worth in scarp than Alfa Romeo 4C.

Model and age:

As you know, when you buy a new car, car model and influence the worth of the new car. It is also true when your car gets scrapped. The most expensive car often gets the most cash when they get scrapped. Like car models, car age is also a deciding factor that influences the price. For instance, if you have a car model from 2017, it might have more scarp car value than a car model from 2005.

Scrap Metal Prices

The price of scrap metal almost changes every year. Even its price fluctuates all year round that significantly influences the overall price of your scrap car. Its prices are likely to be lower at the end of the year and higher in the middle.

Top Tips to Get the Most Money for a Scrap Car

Before going to share tips to get the most money for your scrap car, we want to tell you that there are multiple ways when it comes to get rid of your old car and receive a good amount of money. It may be arguable that car scrapping is the best way to get the most cash out of all other possible ways. As we mentioned above, a car made with more than 30,000 parts, if you want to remove these parts safely, you need a lot of effort and time that might pan out for months. 

Then you need to find buyers to sell these parts. This is not a good and hassle-free way for any car owner. Either way, you can sell your car to any car dealership that buys used cars, but it would cost less than what you get from car scrapping. On the other hand, you will pay more if you decide to scrap your car at the nearest junkyard because they recycle the scrap metal parts of any car to bring in more cash. 

Calculate the value of the car

First of all, you need to evaluate what kinds of damages your car has that will help you calculate the value. Once you know the current condition of your condition, it helps you a lot when you ask for prices. If your car is roadworthy, you can expect that your car will fetch more bucks. If it is not in good condition, car repairing can significantly improve its value.

Sell your scrap car ASAP if it is still in good condition.

Cars lose value every day that you leave them to sit and collect dust. The car will deteriorate further with each passing day, so it’s always wiser to sell your scrap car as quickly as you can. The sooner you sell your scrap car, the more money you stand to make. Typically, when you want to sell a car, you need to spend some money to prep and fix it up for sale. For instance, before you even list your car for sale, you’ll need to take it to the mechanic, have it fixed and tuned, and work perfectly. Then, you’ll have to make sure the car looks good, with a professional wash and polish. All these expenses can add up, eating into the profit that you make from the car sale.

So, is there a way to sell your scrap car without worrying about prepping it for sale? Yes, there is. Established car removal businesses buy scrap cars whatever their condition. So, even if your car is covered in dirt and grime and is not working, you can sell it to them as it is.

Be Objective When It Comes to the Value of Your Car

Sure, your car is dear to you. You’ve had it for years and have many fond memories of it. But, when it comes to selling your car, don’t let your emotions override objectivity. If your car is old and damaged, then it’s not going to fetch as much as a near-new car in perfect working condition would. Stop looking at your car through rose-tinted glasses. 

Take a step back and look at the facts to help determine how much your car’s worth. If you expect to get a ridiculous price for a damaged or old car, then you’re going to be waiting forever to find a buyer. Be smart and savvy when it comes to the value of your car. Some online car portals or dealerships make it very easy for car sellers to get their cars valuated. That’s because they provide quotes over the phone. 

Compare Prices

If you want to get the most cash value for your scrap car, shop around and compare prices. You need to go to local junkyards or scrap yards to get a quote. They will give you a price for your scrap car. If you live in an area where you have no scrapyard around, you can check the price online or look up information on online forums. It is always wise to first check if these services are offered in your city to avoid any troubles. 

Scrapping Your Catalytic Converters

All the cars have catalytic convertors if they’re manufactured after 1975. As we all know, it is a very valuable part of any part, and most of us don’t know why it is so precious. It is due to the presence of the most expensive metals like palladium, platinum, and rhodium. When the car emits toxic fumes, these metals filter them and lower the quantity of the toxic fumes. It means you can get a good resale value on these catalytic converters. These days, they are all the rage, and that’s why they are being stolen. Safely remove it and earn around $100 on a used catalyst converter.  

Sell the power First

If your car has a newer battery, then you can sell it. If it is old, you can sell the lead in the battery, which is worth selling. When you are going to strip out the part of your car, remove the battery first and drain the gas. You can use it for your new car or sell it. When you are scrapping everything, don’t forget to remove it; otherwise, it could be dangerous. 

Remove other Valuable Parts

Remove the most valuable parts of your car and sell them to make money. But if you have made a deal with your nearest scrapyard, then try not to take out these parts. The most valuable parts of your cars are the battery (new), GPS trackers, fenders, tires (newish), wheels, airbags, and stereo system. You can sell your stereo system on eBay and get cash for your scrap car.

Sell Your Exhaust Systems

You may know that the replacement cost of the exhaust system with a catalytic converter ranges from $600 to $1000. The exhaust system of your car is responsible for controlling the engine noises and limits the fumes released into the air. That’s why it is in high demand on the market. If your exhaust system is still working properly and in good condition, then consider yourself lucky. You can make money by selling it because it is always a sought-after auto part on the market. 

Encash for PARF and COE Rebate

When you are going to scrapping your car in Singapore, you need to apply for de-registration of your vehicle. Once your vehicle has de-registered, then start applying for PARF and COE rebates to get the most cash for your scrap car. If your certificate of entitlement (COE) has not expired yet, you will get compensation for the remaining valid period through these rebates. You can find their forms on the One Motoring website. Or you can apply for encashment by visiting the Customer Service Centre of Land Transport Authority (LTA). You can use this money for your car loan.

Take Away

There are some key takeaways from this blog:

  • There are some factors that can affect the market value of your scrap car, including your car model and its age, car weight, and scrap metal prices.
  • As your car is made with 30,000 parts, so removing all these parts is nearly possible unless you are clever enough with tools, so scrapping is a good option.
  • If your car is in still good condition to run, try to sell it as soon as possible to get the most cash.
  • Calculate the value of your car and shop around and compare prices.
  • Sell the car’s battery first if it is newish.
  • The catalytic convertor can give you big bucks, remove it safely and sell.
  • Don’t forget to remove other valuable parts and sell them, which include GPS tracker, airbags, fenders, and stereo system. Even if you have new tires, replace them with old ones, sell these new tires and make money.
  • You can make some extra cash by selling exhaust system. 
  • Encash for PARF and COE Rebate and get the most cash for your scrap car.  

Bottom Line

There’s no doubt that if you sell your car parts separately rather than sending them to the scrap heap, you may make more money. But it requires a lot of time and, of course, skills too. However, you can sell the most valuable parts of your car that bring in big dollars. Once you have sold useful parts, sell them to t your local scrapyard at a good price. You will expect more money if your car is in good condition. Either way, you can trade it into a car dealership for your new car.

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