How to buy car in used car sales on your own for first time

Are you planning to buy a different car model in used car sales? Are you stuck on whether to choose a new vehicle or a used one? Most people in Singapore buy used cars. According to LTA (The Land Transport Authority), sales of light used vehicles were approximately 0.1 million over the past 5 years. However, buying a used car is more than a treasure hunt, especially when you have little knowledge about cars. When shopping for a car, it’s advisable to conduct online research of various dealerships. It helps in making an informed decision when choosing a specific brand. Here, you will learn how to buy a used car on your own even if you don’t know much about cars. Are you ready? Let’s get into it!

Understand your needs and start your search in used car sales

When you plan to buy a car, ask yourself the reason for buying a car. Are you looking for a car for the daily commute or drive on the highway? Or you need a vehicle to make a trip to the neighborhood every weekend? How many people will you have a drive? Once you understand what kind of vehicle you need, start your search and choose a car model.

Build a Target List of Used Vehicles

Once you understand your needs, build a target list of used vehicles. Toyota Camry and Honda Accord are no doubt the best-used cars, but they might cost a few thousand dollars more than Kia Optima and Mazda sedan.

So, if you want to save huge bucks, then it is advisable to consider more than one car brand. We suggest you make a target list of used cars that fall within your budget and suit you. To make a list, read reviews online that will guide you to choose the best. 

Test drive the car

When you are going to buy a car in used car sales, don’t forget to take the test drive. Select the route that has rough pavement, stretch, or even curves. Remember to turn off the radio when you take the test drive- test it later. There are a few important things that you need to pay more attention to. Here are:

  • Acceleration: Check how much the car has power, and how does the steering feel.
  • Ergonomics: Check either you reach the controls and gauges easily or not.
  • Visibility: are there blind spots?
  • Brakes: check the responsiveness and predictability of brakes.
  • Mechanical condition: When you buy a used car, checking the mechanical condition of the car is essential. Listen for any vibrations or infrequent noises that could indicate the worn tires or suspension parts.

Inspect the car model in detail

The general appearance of the car will tell you about the care that its owner has given it. Knocks and bumps can be repaired, but don’t underestimate the repair bill. Don’t forget the roof and the sills. Look for any misalignment or color variation between the various body panels, signs of repair. If the car seller cannot justify them (invoices), go your wayCheck the condition of the tires (wear, deformation, etc.) and of the brakes; if the rims are sufficiently perforated, check the openings and inspect the windows and optics. Check the correct operation of all the elements, i.e., seat adjustment (manual or electric), air conditioning, horn, radio, window controls, cigarette lighter, and steering wheel controls.

After the test drive, check the car engine again:

Is there any oil or coolant leak now? Observe the state of maintenance inside the engine compartment with the help of the information in the annex: brake fluid, timing belt, oil change all must be serviced regularly. Check the coolant hose with your hands. If it feels stiff, the cylinder head seals are also often defective.

Buy a used vehicle from a professional:

The professional in used car sales must give you a hidden defect guarantee. You will then have 12 months to hold the professional responsible for any defect in the vehicle. An advantage, of course, but beware, the prices of used vehicles among professionals are a little higher than those of individuals. You can visit online auto forums and websites to determine the correct price for your vehicle. Don’t forget to compare the price of your selected car models before buying.


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