How do I transfer my season parking to a temporary vehicle if my car is in the workshop?

transfer season parking

Keeping a car in Singapore is an expensive proposition. Considering the expenses, a car owner would incur costs like insurance, petrol, wear and tear expenses, so one must think twice before buying a car. However, you can transfer your season parking by applying for permanent or temporary transfer through the mobile application of HDB and its e-service. You can cut down on your parking costs when you transfer season parking. 

If you live in an HDB flat and want to use the parking space provided by the HDB, then buying HDB season Parking is best for you to cut down on parking expenses. The procedure to transfer season parking to another vehicle is given in this article.

What is HDB Season Parking?

HDB season Parking is a very useful thing. Through this parking instrument, you can park your vehicle in a certain HDB parking area at any time. You don’t have to display your parking coupons for parking in these areas if you have a valid season pass. If the HBD car park is near your workplace, you automatically become eligible to apply for it due to the proximity. 

However, if you’re living in an HDB estate, you can easily apply to park your vehicle in a nearby HDB estate. At times, however, availability can be an issue due to many applicants applying for the same spot. 

Temporary Transfer Season Parking

A temporary season parking pass is issued for a maximum of 31 days. Still, if for some reason you want to transfer it temporarily due to the reasons given hereunder, you can apply with HDB and can get a temporary replacement.

A temporary transfer application can be moved in these cases:

  • Your vehicle is gone temporarily for repairs, and you have to use another vehicle for some time.
  • Or you have moved to some other place for a certain period, and you intend to go back to your original residence. 

You can apply to temporary transfer season parking through mobile application of HDB and its e-service. You would have to apply with supporting documents.

For any changes to your present temporary season parking, first, you will have to get your present temporary season parking cancelled. You can do this via the cancellation of the Transfer of Season Parking. Once you get the cancellation, you can re-apply through the e-service with the changes.

In that case, you may have to pay the difference if your new place is of a higher season parking rate (Like from a surface car park to a multi-storey car park). However, you won’t be eligible for a refund if you change from a higher tariff area to a lower tariff location. 

Steps to follow to transfer Season Parking to a temporary Parking

Here are a few steps to follow to switch to temporary parking. 

  1. Use your Singpass and access the housing and development board (HDBP) page.
  2. At the left side of menu, you will see an option ‘my vehicle’, select it and then click on the ‘season parking’.
  3. Now, choose the option ‘temporary season parking and then go to the section where you can apply for temporary change of your vehicle. 
  4. Add all your details and confirm. 


  • Getting a car in Singapore can be an expensive situation, but things such as HDB parking can help you keep costs down. 
  • If your car is in the workshop, you can apply for a temporary change of parking space. 
  • You can also change your parking space for a month if you’re shifting to a new location temporarily.
  • Applying for a change of parking space is an easy procedure you can complete online. 
  • You need to submit all the documents and top-up the amount if you’re shifting from a low-tariff to a high-tariff space. 
  • If you’re still confused, you can head to CARS N U to find out more about all your car-related queries. 
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