Honda Stream: An Underrated Japanese Beauty

Honda is known for its driving solutions and reliable cars that offer more than just a comfortable driving experience. Take Honda Stream, for example. This MPV can house seven adults at once and still have boot space leftover. It’s a shame that Honda couldn’t sell more of these cars, given the design and features that make it stand out from the rest.

Honda Stream takes its inspiration from Honda Civic, but with a spacious cabin. In this article, we will look at the design specifications and key components of this car.

Honda Stream Exterior:

Most MPVs lose their charm due to their boxy design to increase the space inside the vehicle. And people understand that while purchasing a car that they’ll have to choose between practicality and beauty. But not with Honda Stream. This car perfectly combines the elegance of a sedan and the reliability of an SUV inside one product so you can have the best of both worlds.

The front is pretty much the same as any Honda vehicle with a chrome winged grille and headlights, similar to a Honda Civic. The taillights extend to the roof, on each side of the rear window.

Honda Stream Interior:

The interior of this car has ample space, decent legroom and a variety of features that could be useful to the driver or the passengers. It comes with electronic windows, auto headlights, an adjustable knob for side-view mirrors, an infotainment system, arm-rest, cup holders and an air cooling system. 

The seats are comfortable and made from high-quality material to ensure comfort even on more extended trips. You can collapse down the seats on the second and third seat-row to increase the boot space to the maximum. Most noticeably, Honda marketed this vehicle as a seven-passenger car, which truly lives up to the claim. You can fit two adults easily in the last seat-row without them feeling cramped on a long journey.

Engine Specifications:

There are two variants of Honda Stream based on the engine size, i.e. 1.8L and 2.0L. Honda borrowed the former from their Civic lineup, and the latter is a new unit based on Honda’s latest lightweight technology.

If you buy the 2.0L variant, you’ll get up to 148bhp and 190Nm of torque, which is optimum for a vehicle of this size and capacity. On the downside, the engine can get noisy if you rev it too hard, especially if driving uphill.

Honda Stream steers like butter and suffers less body roll than some other cars in this category. Whether you’re in the mood for an in-city drive or a camping trip with friends/family, this car can accommodate your needs quite good.

Pros and Cons:


  • Spacious and elegant interior
  • Good handling and steering
  • Ample engine power for an MPV
  • Attractive, Sporty and modern-looking family car
  • Great Torque and Acceleration


  • Boot space is relatively low when the seats are upright
  • Noisy engine, especially on hard revs

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