Honda Shuttle Hybrid : How Is It Better Than Honda Fit?

If you’re a fan of the Honda Fit series, then you’d want to check out this more spacious car by the Japanese car manufacturer, the Honda Shuttle Hybrid. Honda Fit comes with a hatchback style with a coupe touch, whereas the Shuttle Hybrid has a station wagon design. It could be a perfect purchase for people looking for a family car or a more spacious vehicle to compensate for their luggage needs.

Although it looks excellent on paper, let’s see how well it holds practicality and reliability for everyday use. Here is a brief review:


Honda Shuttle Hybrid isn’t very far off from the modern car designs with a sleek look from the front to the back. The headlights align perfectly into the front grille with chrome bars and a Honda logo in the middle. The lower front part features a sporty design with large panels on each side that connect through a thin lip spoiler.

There are sharp lines across the vehicle extending back to the aggressive rear. You get a sizeable back window for optimum rear-view while driving or backing up, and the fifth door opens vertically to reveal the luggage space. The rear lights have a classy design to match the somewhat boxy shape of this car. 


The primary reason most people will buy this car over its sister, Honda Fit, is the amount of space available inside it. You can hold up to 470-Litres of luggage with the rear seats sitting upright. If you still need more, you can drop the seats down and expand the capacity to 1143-Litres. Interestingly, loading heavier or oversized objects into the trunk is very easy without the rear lip hindrance.

Keeping the spacious design going, the front and rear seats also offer a lot of room for passengers to sit comfortably, even on longer journeys. There is plenty of leg space with the transmission being placed lower than usual and the gas tank being under the passenger seat. 

Although this car has a practical design preference, it doesn’t trade any comforting features for it. The seats are comfortable, with a humungous central console at the front. It also features cup-holders, bottle-holders, and a wide glove box for added convenience.

Honda Shuttle Hybrid Engine and Performance:

So we have established that this car has room for practically everything you want to carry, but how does it fare in performance? Well, Honda Shuttle Hybrid features a 1.5L IVTEC engine that can pump out 135bhp and 134Nm of torque. And top of that, being a hybrid, this vehicle has an electric motor that helps you save fuel, ultimately adding to the range of the car. According to official sources from Toyota, this car has an incredible fuel consumption figure of 34.3 km/Liter. 

You can choose from two driving options, i.e., ECON and Sports mode. Relatively self-explanatory, the ECON mode increases fuel efficiency by limiting power, while the Sports mode lets you test this car to its extreme limits. 

That’s it for the Toyota Hybrid Shuttle review from us. If you’re looking to sell your car, get a loan payment, or searching for the perfect agency for your car insurance, CARS N U can help you sort it all out.

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