Honda Shuttle 1.5G 2020: Another Facelift to the Spacious Beast

Toyota has given a facelift after another to the Honda Shuttle, and of course, the car only got better while keeping its key selling features. We have the newest model now, the Honda Shuttle 2020. And this article will focus mainly on its specifications and necessary details that you might need to know before purchasing this vehicle.

Honda Shuttle takes a lot of inspiration from the Honda fit. Some would also argue that it shares its DNA with Honda Vezel or Honda City. The Japanese manufacturers released this car as a market replacement for the ever-so-popular Honda Airwave.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into the review.

Shiny Modern Exterior:

Honda Shuttle 1.5G got minor tweaks and upgrades from the previous generation that prove practical and increase the car’s reliability. The standard Toyota chrome grill is still there and stretches to the sides to align with the LED headlights. Fog lamps are at the bottom on each bumper corner, and there’s a new taillight on top of the back window, adding to the car’s appeal. 

Curved lines go all the way from the sides to the front for a modern and sporty look. The rear end of the car is not very bulky and sleeker than Honda Fit.

Interior and Boot Capacity:

The main changes to Honda Shuttle would be more obvious when you drive the car. Honda added many new features in this vehicle that exist in their expensive lineup of cars. They kept the station wagon tradition alive by offering folding magic seats to increase the boot space. The steering wheel has press controls to manage volume or to control the infotainment system. 

Now let’s shed some light on the actual selling point of this car since 2015; the storage space. You can fit 470L of carry-ons in the trunk of this car, and if you fold down the seats, you‘ll have a staggering 1,141L of luggage space. It is enough to fit two bicycles with ease.

A practical family car just got even safer. Here are the new safety features:

Safety features in Honda Shuttle:

  • Lane Keeping Assist System
  • Keyless Entry
  • Collision Mitigation Braking System
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Early Lane Departure
  • Automatic Headlights
  • Adaptive Cruise Control

Honda Shuttle Performance:

So we talked about this car’s general and safety features, but how does the Honda Shuttle drive on the road?

It has a 1.5L engine that delivers 130bhp and 155Nm torque, the highest in this Honda category of cars. It glides through the roads within the city or on a long trip. You can average about 15km/L in terms of fuel efficiency, which is remarkable for a station wagon. 

The driving experience is incredibly smooth as the engine isn’t noisy and with windows rolled up, you can stay wrapped inside for a comfortable journey. It shares its driving DNA with the Honda Fit, so if you have driven that car, you’ll have a general idea about what the behind the wheel experience of a Honda Shuttle could feel like to the driver.

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