Honda Freed Hybrid: Outdated or Viable?

Let’s talk about Honda. We all know about the Japanese automobile giant due to their driving innovations and car solutions integrated into their vehicles. And every year, the advancement is multifold, with many car designs getting unveiled by the company. In 2008, Honda introduced the Honda Freed Hybrid to the world, but it wasn’t an overnight success like their other cars such as civic or city. 

In this article, we will look at some of the features of the Honda Freed Hybrid that make it reliable and unique from other MPVs. So stay tuned.

Review of the Honda Freed Hybrid:

Exterior Design:

The exterior of the Honda Freed Hybrid looks pretty good for a car released more than a decade ago. Even though it’s only an entry-level MPV, it manages to shine on its own when parked next to other vehicles that exude class and elegance. 

You get standard headlights and taillights on the front and back, respectively, etched into the boxy design of the car. It comes with 15-inch wheels with the protection of wheel caps. Additionally, the lower lip spoiler brings a sense of sportiness to this car which, however useless (as this car has nothing to do with sports), looks nice.

Interior Design:

The interior of this car is better than what you’d expect. The car welcomes you with a digital screen for information cluster, and the two-tone finish with the wooden trim looks exquisite. The steering wheel has multiple buttons for cruise control, and you can adjust it to your height as per standards.

Additionally, this car comes loaded with storage compartments and cup holders for a convenient driving experience. In terms of capacity, Honda Freed Hybrid is a seven-seater MPV despite looking small from the outside. You can fold the middle seats to get in the back, but we suggest you save those seats only for children. 

You can also enhance the space by folding the back and middle seats ultimately to make room for luggage that otherwise won’t fit. And the intelligent door on the back detects blockage in its path while closing, so you don’t end up suffering from accidents, especially hand injuries.

Engine Specifications:

Most SUVs have a rolling body that makes it hard to maneuver them around busy blocks or finding a parking space for them. Honda Freed Hybrid significantly reduces that hassle by offering a sleek, boxy design and a dependable 1.5L IVTEC engine. 

As it’s a hybrid, it also comes with an electric motor that adds a touch of spark and increased torque to the engine’s potential. This hybrid nature results in improved acceleration and a more comfortable driving experience. It also features a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, so the car responds to you quickly. 

Lastly, this car gives average fuel consumption of 25km/L, which is mind-boggling for a seven-seater MPV. Well done, Honda. You can also switch to ECON mode with the quick flick of the button to save fuel even more.

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