Honda Airwave – The Good, the Bad and the Outdated Features

Honda is a leading brand in the automobile industry with a rich history of manufacturing reliable, affordable, and luxury cars. And like us, many Honda enthusiasts are on the lookout for a hidden gem among the ocean of vehicles the Japanese manufacturer has put out for decades now. One of such vehicles by Honda is the Honda Airwave. With many renovations and tweaked models over the years, Airwave is still an in-demand vehicle, especially for people looking for a versatile family car.

Let us break down the specification for you to have a better idea:

Stylish Exterior:

Although outdated, Honda Airwave has a refined exterior with a boxy-shaped design to boost interior space. Like other Honda vehicles, it comes with the signature front with chrome-plated bars and the classic Honda logo. The five-door design and the alloy rims add to the versatility and reliability of this car.

Not to forget, this is a relatively light vehicle than other MPVs of this category, weighing about three-quarters of the regular weight. The headlight and the rear lights do their job well and fit the overall design of the vehicle.

Top-Notch Specifications:

Honda Airwave comes with a 1.5L VTEC engine that can generate up to 109 horsepower and 143nm of torque, which is relatively good for a vehicle with the said engine specifications. You can fill up the 52-Litre tank and get a range of approximately 700 kilometers on optimum performance. 

This MPV comes with a seven-speed manual transmission which you can switch directly from the button on the steering wheel. If you don’t want to shift gears manually, this car also has a five-speed automatic transmission for a convenient driving experience.

Let’s shift our attention to the more minor details; this car also offers power-operated windows, cruise control, a dynamic steering wheel, massive luggage space, and much more.

Spacious Interior:

As Honda marketed this vehicle as an MPV, they provided the buyers with a spacious and comfortable interior. Let’s say you’re carrying massive amounts of luggage, no problem! Just collapse the back seats, and you’ll have tons of space. Need to carry your whole family? Another non-issue; this vehicle can fit up to five people easily.

Apart from the extra space, the interior is classy and doesn’t look cheap. The seats have a leather lining with a collapsible rear seat to reveal cup holders. The backseats also have seatbelts and headrests along with a child seat restraint mechanism to ensure the safety of the passengers in the back.

What’s not good about the Honda Airwave?

Although an all-around MVP, Honda Airwave does have some back draws. We are listing them down.

  • This vehicle is discontinued, so if you’re a potential buyer, you’ll have to resort to exploring the used market.
  • Handling could be better, and you can feel the body roll around tight corners.
  • The drive could be unsteady over bumps or rough patches.
  • Outdated infotainment system.
  • Old-fashioned design.
  • Lower resale value.

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