Great World City Parking: Best Guide

The great world is a one-stop location for your lifestyle and shopping needs. It is located outside Orchard Road, which is set in the heart of the city. This shopping complex has more than 100 shops that offer all kinds of goods. You can also find international brands here like Marks & Spencer, Gucci, and more. Shoppers can even indulge in delicious food, entertainment, and lifestyle offerings. Furthermore, Great world offers convenient parking for the divers. There is also EV charging kiosks that are located in basement 3. Two car park lots in basement 3 are dedicated to EV charging kiosks. Along with great world city parking, a free shuttle service is also available for visitors. Read on to learn more about the great world city parking rate, operation hours, and promotions.

Great World City parking operation timings:

The operation hours of great world city parking are 6:01 am to 6:00 am. However, great world city parking rates are not the same during 24 hours.  

Parking Rates:

Let’s explore the parking rates at great world city on weekdays and on weekends.

From Monday to Friday before 5/6pm$1.55 per hour + GST
From Monday to Friday after 6pm$3.30 per entry + GST
Weekend and public Holidays 6:01 a.m. – 6:00am$1.65 per hour + GSTMaximum of $6.00 per entry plus tax

From Monday to Friday before 5/6 pm: $1.55 per hour + GST

Great world city doesn’t follow any free entry rule for the first hour for car parking. Rather, they charge $1.55 per hour plus GST. If you compare their parking rates with other malls, this is quite cheap rates for car parking, especially in the daytime. They also offer ten minutes grace period to the drivers.

From Monday to Friday After 6pm: $3.30 per entry + GST

It is said that goes for the places on weekdays that charge per entry, and great world city is one of those places. Per entry car parking means you can enjoy your evening with your pals without having to look at the clock. After 6 pm, the entry fee is $3.30 plus tax per entry. Instead of using street car parking, you can use their parking services after 6 pm due to their affordable parking rates.

Saturday, Sunday & public holidays: 6:01 a.m. – 6:00am $1.65 per hour + GST

Parking at the great world on weekends is understandably costly than weekdays because people usually visit more to great world cities on weekends. It offers per-hour parking on the weekend and public holidays for $1.65 plus tax around the clock. They are subject to a maximum of $6.00 per entry plus tax.

Free Parking at Great World 

 The favorite words for every driver are ‘free parking,’ and great world city knows it. That’s why they offer complimentary parking if you enter between 6 pm to 8 pm on the first four days of the week, i.e., Monday to Thursday. There is no minimum spend required to avail of this offer.

Bottom line:

As great world city mall is located in the central area of Singapore that means it got competition from another shopping mall. Great world city parking rates are subject to GST but still it is the cheapest place for car parking.

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