GLA180: Five Things You Should Know About The Mercedes

People opt for MPVs with incredible zest due to their multipurpose design, elegant look, and compact exterior. One of such vehicles is the Mercedes GLA180 that has made a charming impact on the community due to its ability to be dependable, reliable, and convenient. But what makes GLA180 such a hit in this car bracket?

Like other Mercedes creations, this car also carries the prestigious name of the brand and the quality that accompanies it. The interior, exterior, and performance of GLA180 are incredibly impressive for a balanced driving and traveling experience.

Here are some things you should know before going through with purchasing the new Mercedes GLA180.

Shorter than the previous model:

The new GLA180 might look different to you than the previous model due to its changed dimensions. The nose-to-tail length is slightly shorter, but it doesn’t take anything away from the interior space, which we’ll discuss soon. It is one of the shortest Mercedes in the market today, making it perfect for in-city travel and gliding through tight spaces. 

Two ways to look at it:

There are two ways to look at the GLA180 according to its purpose in the Mercedes lineup. You can classify it as the entry-level car for the Mercedes small car family. Or you can think of it as the smallest member of the Mercedes SUV products. The design of this car looks very similar to a mixture of base level and luxury models for a balanced product that is compact yet powerful.

Widescreen Infotainment System:

The new GLA gets a refresh as the widescreen infotainment system trickles downs from the expensive models to this mini SUV. You can enjoy the latest Mercedes user experience, including an accurate GPS, driving assistant, and much more. If you feel bored of the interior, you can spice things up by changing the theme for a newer look to your car’s interior. 

Spacious and Family Friendly:

Even though this car is smaller than the previous GLA, it has a spacious interior than its predecessor. The driving seat doesn’t feel cramped for taller people, and the back seats also have more legroom. This spacious design makes this car a family-friendly vehicle, especially for parents with smaller kids.

You can also recline or slide the backseats to adjust them to your specific needs, so you’re not too worried about long trips.


This car boasts a 1.6L engine that pumps out 122bhp, and we must say it feels much more than that number. This car is powerful, the gear shifts are fast, and it is incredibly fun to drive. You can choose to change gears with manual paddles or opt for the automatic transmission for an easier driving experience. 

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