GLA 180 (Urban Edition): The Mini SUV by Mercedes

Mercedes GLA 180 is an addition to the A-Class lineup that almost perfectly fits the modern market trends. Being a compact SUV, it is suitable for with-in city drives and turning about tight spaces and corners. But is this mini SUV practical? And does it live up to the demands of Mercedes buyers? Let’s break it down for you.

Mercedes GLA 180 Trademark Exterior:

Mercedes GLA 180 supports an eye-catching exterior with a groovy bonnet, the iconic grill with the three-star logo, and modern headlights like other vehicles from the prestigious brand. The rails equipped roofline extends to the back to form a slight coupe touch to this hatchback vehicle.

Most importantly, being an SUV, the GLA 180 has a lifted view of sight for better visual access to the road and obstacles. And adding to the classy look of this car, the black-painted 18-inch rims, side-view mirrors, and grille leave a lasting effect on the onlooker. 

GLA 180 – Elegant yet Luxurious Interior:

As much as the GLA 180 is an eye-catcher from the outside, it has an even sleeker interior regardless of being an entry-level A-Class vehicle. If you’re not familiar with other Mercedes models, it might take some time for you to adjust and memorize the abundance of car controls. But once you do, driving it would be an enjoyable experience.

The seats of this car are partly leather lined, adjustable, and high-quality, ensuring support around tight corners and providing comfort on long tours. It comes with standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for quick and easy connectivity with your other personal devices.

On top of all this, you get a digital eight-inch screen as your infotainment system to make this car up to date with modern trends.

Lastly, it has a rear boot capacity of 481-Liters, and if you recline the back seats, you can expand it up to 1235-Liters. However, we should mention that the rear seats do not recline fully and are more optimal for children. Adults in the back may feel uncomfortable on longer journeys due to limited headspace.

Powerful Engine:

The Mercedes GLA 180 features a 1.6L Turbo petrol engine that can pump up to 121bhp and 200Nm of torque. You can choose from four different modes to help you according to your needs; Comfort, Eco, Sport, and Individual.

Comfort mode would be a go-to for most people to get the most out of the driving experience in terms of luxury. It is also a fuel-efficient mode where the gears switch early to save fuel that would otherwise drain due to over-revving the engine. Contrarily, in sports mode, the car pushes the turbo engine to its limit and holds the gears so you can test the actual performance of this vehicle.

Individual mode allows you to customize the setting to suit your driving needs and the Eco mode focuses mainly on fuel conservation.

That’s all for the GLA 180 review. If you’re a car owner looking for insurance or finding buyers for your car, we at CARS N U can help you out. We also help customers in getting car loans if they need one.

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