Drink Driving Singapore Penalty

Drink driving is easily one of the most severe offenses, anywhere in the world. Not only do we endanger our own life, but that of countless others on the road. Drunk driving is, therefore, not only incredibly irresponsible, but selfish as well. Due to the extent of damage this act causes, drink driving Singapore Penalty remain high across the world. Singapore is no different. Recent reports suggest that drink driving Singapore has increased by 17.3%, with drunk driving being the most significant contributor to road accidents. Below we shall elaborate upon not just what drunk driving is, but the drink driving Singapore 2021 penalty for it and why you need to avoid it.

drink driving penalty singapore 2021

Laws regarding Drink Driving Singapore Penalty 2021

Section 67(1) of our Road Traffic Act dictates that it is illegal to drive a car in a public place while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Two conditions can lead to arrests for drink driving in Singapore. The first is that you are too intoxicated, even correctly, to handle the vehicle. The second is that your blood alcohol limit Singapore level exceeds. In Singapore, the drink driving limit Singapore is 35 micrograms of alcohol per 100 micrograms of breath. Alcohol or drug intoxication can severely impact the decisions that we make on the road, and these laws are in place to prevent any unnecessary loss of life.

Procedures for detecting drink driving Singapore 2021

Police may typically ask you to step outside your vehicle and take a breathalyzer test. If you refuse to take the test or comply with anything else the officer suggests, you’ll immediately suffer the penalty for drunk driving.

Drink driving penalty Singapore 2021

Owing to the seriousness of this offense, the drink drive penalties has been increased following November 2019. Currently, the punishment for drink driving in Singapore stands at a fine between $2500-10000. That’s not all. Depending upon the severity of the crime, you can be fined and given a jail sentence. In some cases, there may be only the fine, only the jail sentence or both. However, even first-time offenders are banned for two years following a conviction. 2nd-time drink driving offense has a mandatory jail sentence for up to two years and must pay a fine not less than $5000. The prohibition on driving applies once the convicted is released from jail, and can exceed up to 5 years. 

drink driving penalty singapore

Your chances of getting away with it

As we discussed earlier, the damage done to drink driving in Singapore is often irreversible. Drink driving in Singapore is something that is entirely your fault alone, so it can be challenging to get away with a lighter sentence or fine. Most cases of drunk driving aren’t complicated at all and clearly show the driver at fault. Therefore, it won’t help to have a lawyer present. Most judges in Singapore feel strongly about road accidents in Singapore, and so your chances of getting off quickly are pretty slim. Furthermore, with every street in Singapore being lined with cameras, there’s a considerable chance that the prosecution has a mountain of evidence against you.

drink driving limit singapore

What we suggest

There is no upside to drink driving in Singapore. The penalties you can face are harsh. Not to mention, you can lose your place as a responsible member of society and be looked down upon by others. Drunken driving isn’t just irresponsible but incredibly disrespectful to other members of society. At Cars N U, we believe that everyone’s job is to treat others with respect and care. ‘One for all and all for one’ is an ideology that we firmly stick by. It’s up to everyone to look out for the other’s best interests. By drunk driving, we endanger not only our best interests but that of others as well.

drunk driving Singapore


Drink driving in Singapore comes with drink drive penalties that can change your life and that of others. It’s also easily avoidable. Next time you feel a bit tipsy at a party or anywhere else and need to head home, call yourself a cab, or ask someone to drop you home. This small step can go a great way in treating not just yourself but also others around you with respect and care. It can help save you from a life or regret, and can ensure the safety of others on the road.

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