CLA 180 In-Depth Review: The Mercedes C-Class Monster

CLA 180 Introduction:

With Mercedes rolling out newer generations of cars every year now, CLA 180 is another fine addition to the luxury small car lineup that offers much more than it catches the eye. Taking its inspiration from the newer generation A-class, this car is an elegant model to look at with its coupe design and a sleek finish from front to the rear. 

If you’re in the market looking to purchase this car, we advise you to go through this brief review, so you have all the information necessary to make a final choice.

Our review of the Mercedes CLA 180:

The Trickled-Down Exterior:

Being part of the newer design models, CLA 180 hugely benefits from the luxury preferences of the cars above its class. Mercedes took inspiration from the expensive S and E class to make this car look more elegant yet classy. 

It comes with a four-door construction with a very familiar coupe silhouette. The frameless windows are a cherry on top of the already modern look. The front of the CLA 180 has the iconic diamond grille with the three-star logo and an aggressive-looking bumper with wide intakes. It also comes with 18″ alloy wheels, contemporary headlights, nice-looking exhaust pipes (although fake), and flashy rear lights.

Rich Interior:

It wouldn’t have lived up to the name of the prestigious brand if it didn’t have an interior that’s comforting and lavish. So keeping up the trend, this car comes loaded with rich features for passenger convenience and safety. You’ll find horizontally connected screens at the front, which serve as your information cluster and infotainment system. And an interior lighting system that adds to the already ambient design and sets the mood, especially on night drives. 

We’ve talked about luxury, but how well does the CLA 180 perform in terms of practicality? Well, you can plenty of legroom in the front and at the back for passengers to stay comfortable. You can also seat a fifth person, but the space might get too tight for an adult. The boot space is reasonably ample and fits about 460-Liters of luggage. 

Lastly, the road noise is incredibly toned down while driving this car, and you get a feeling of being isolated from the outside world.

Engine and Security Specifications:

The C180 belongs to the entry-level vehicles by Mercedes, but it leaves no stone unturned in providing you the best acceleration and performance with its 1.3L Turbocharge engine. It pumps out 134hp and 200Nm of torque which is pretty substantial for a vehicle of this class. The dual-clutch gearbox and 7G DCT ensure that this car pushes you along the city or on the highway with ease. 

If we shift our attention towards security, this car comes loaded with safety features for the driver and passengers. It has an active bonnet, assist function with brakes and lane-keeping, skid-control, auto-wiper system, parking sensors, ABS, ESP, and much more. You can also turn on the Active Distance control to keep a safe distance from the car in front of you.

That’s a wrap for our Mercedes CLA 180 review. 

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