Clean car Interior during car wash, make it look fresh.

Clean Car Interior is as important as car wash exterior. Indeed, it is preferable to keep the interior clean to avoid the microbes and dust that accumulate, avoid damaging the car, especially for selling car, and enjoy comfort.

Cleaning the interior of the car can easily be done at home. The necessary equipment is easily found in your home or in the store, at affordable prices. If you cannot do it at home, go to a station where vacuum cleaners are available. Ideally, consider cleaning your car’s interior (but also its exterior) once a month. Thus, your car will breathe cleanliness, and you will be all the more proud of it! Let’s go to pamper your car!

Car Wash Preparation

The first step is to empty the car completely. Empty the glove box and the empty pocket, and remove all objects not attached to the dashboard. Once all the trash has been removed, proceed with the disassembly.

It might seem like a drastic step, but removing the seats for a thorough cleaning makes sense. Once the seats are removed, a new space is created that allows you to reach the little nooks normally hidden by the driver’s and passenger’s seats. Place the seats on the table so that they are at the correct height to clean them later separately in depth.

Use a vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is an easy and efficient way to clean the interior of a vehicle without the use of chemicals. Just pass it:

  • On the carpets;
  • Inside the car doors;
  • On the dashboard (lowering the power of the vacuum cleaner).

After vacuuming, the dashboard should be wiped clean with a soft cloth.

To reach the small crevices, just use a toothbrush. However, it is important to take precautions to avoid scratching shiny surfaces or sensitive plastics.


Get your carpets out of the car to clean them! Before cleaning them, give them a shake and vacuum to remove as much dust as possible. Take a bowl of hot water with all-purpose cleaning soap and a floor brush. Vigorously rub all the rugs one by one. You will see the stains disappear! For calcium stains, you can use vinegar and hot water in equal parts. You can then rub with a clean wet cloth to remove excess soap. Dry them in the sun and air out at the same time!

Clean the Seats:

Spray the leather cleaning foam on the fabric and leather brush, and then rub over the seats’ entire surface. Then wipe thoroughly with an ultra-fine damp microfiber cloth. Rinse the dirty fabric several times with lukewarm water. Then, put a thin layer of leather protection on the seats using the application glove.

Door fittings

Apply interior cleaner or multi-purpose cleaner to the door trim; use a brush if necessary. Rub with an ultra-fine damp microfiber cloth. Stubborn dirt on leather can be removed with it.

Interior plastic maintenance

To maintain and refresh all plastic parts, spray plastic care solution on a maintenance cloth and apply evenly. The desired gloss level can be set by the mixing level.


A damp microfiber cloth will remove dust from the dashboard, even between the windshield and the board. Be careful not to spray any product directly on your dashboard during cat wash, as this could damage electronic devices. The use of toothbrushes can be a good alternative to clean the most difficult places, such as air vents. Finally, wash your dashboard in the shade. Thus, the cleaning products you use will dry naturally, without leaving any traces. For other plastic-coated surfaces, simply use soap and water with a sponge. You can use a brush for nooks and crannies. Remember to rinse!


It is recommended to wash the windows during car wash with a detergent containing alcohol, as it dries faster and does not leave unsightly streaks. In fact, expired highway stickers can be easily removed with a little detergent and a blade. Finally, vacuum the interior of the passenger compartment one last time and spray a few drops of a pleasant fragrance on the carpets and seats. Not only is the car like new, but it exudes freshness.

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