Car for Sale in Singapore? How to Prepare your Car Well

Every month hundreds of thousands of car for sale in Singapore. You can make this car selling process a lot easier if you spend some time to prepare your car to get the maximum price possible. You can add hundreds of dollars to your car’ worth if you pay attention to the nitty-gritty. Here you can find useful tips and tricks for making your car spotless and attractive. Are you ready? Let’s get into it!

Clean your used car:

If the cleanliness of your car is in no way a guarantee of good functioning, it still informs the buyer about the care you have taken in its maintenance.

We must admit that a dirty car on the outside and inside is not very attractive. First, vacuum the carpets and seats in the cabin and remove them if necessary. A simple, slightly damp cloth will remove the dust on the plastics and restore their shine. The car has to make a good impression from the start. A poorly presented and dirty car invites the potential buyer to discuss the price down. In addition, by purchasing maintenance products for your car, and therefore by selling a sparkling car, you reassure potential customers by showing that you have taken good care of your vehicle over the years. So be sure to clean your car properly as a superficial cleaning may not satisfy particularly attentive potential car buyers. Get rid of anything lying around before vacuuming the entire cabin. For the exterior, be sure to clean the bodywork, wheels, and windows. Your car should give the impression of leaving the factory, as much as possible!

Level control

Level control is easy to achieve and puts your vehicle in the best possible condition for car for sale in Singapore. Remember to check the level of oil, coolant, washer fluid, steering, and brake without forgetting the pressure of the tires. These checks are simple to carry out and know that the future purchaser will undoubtedly be very attentive to this. It is also a way for you to demonstrate the care you have paid to your vehicle.

Include any used car manuals, brochures, etc.

Any document can be helpful, especially the instruction manual. If you have the original purchase agreement or other documents that list all the details in some sort of car datasheet, put them all together and include them with the car.

Technical control

Obviously, the passage to technical control enters the phase of mechanical preparation of the car for sale in Singapore. Remember that it is mandatory for the seller of a vehicle to give the buyer a technical inspection report (PV) of less than 6 months when the vehicle is over 4 years old. He must give him the report of the initial visit and, where applicable, of the check-up. Technical control is a strong selling point that should not be overlooked because it reassures the potential buyer. The ideal is to present him with a new technical control report, that is to say not noting any defect. However, if defects are mentioned in the report, it is necessary to present to the potential buyer the invoices for the repairs related to these defects.

Remember to make the necessary repairs for the old car. 

When buying a car, buyers want the vehicle to be ready for use and in good condition. Indeed, there is nothing worse than knowing that there will be additional costs. This is the reason why you must take care of the peripheral elements: missing or too damaged hubcaps, windshield wipers, tires and functional brakes. These are external parts which will be easily verified by the future buyer, so you must take care of them. 

Make sure that the service booklet is there.

Have you maintained the car as required? Have you kept the coupons that prove the regularity and quality of the periodic maintenance you carried out? Having a complete service book is extremely important as it shows that the car has been maintained with care and that the kilometers marked on the odometer are real (and not fake). Also include invoices for any work or purchase you have made from mechanics, body shops, electricians, tire dealers. Finally, if you have installed non-standard accessories, also collect invoices to prove the cost.

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