How to sell my used car to a car dealer?

To sell your car quickly and easily, you can contact a car dealer. To be confident and able to close the best deal, you just need to be prepared. Here are a few things to keep in mind. Selling car can be stressful and seem complex if you don’t know where to start. One of the main difficulties is to know where to sell car and to whom in Singapore. Selling your car to a Car dealer seems like a quick and secure solution, but it does come with a few obligations.

If you choose to sell your car to a Car dealer, you free yourself from the administrative procedures related to the sale. The repurchase of your vehicle is completely secure and fast, and you do not need to carry out technical control. Here we give you some tips to be well prepared and get the best price when selling your vehicle at a dealership. We also help you define the best option for your sale.

Types of Car Dealer

Discover the different solutions available to you to resell your car to a dealership:

  • Car dealership chains: It will be more difficult to negotiate, but most of the big chains buy cars, regardless of mileage, condition, and with no obligation to buy a new car in return.
  • Specialized buy-back services: Reputed companies, such as Car N U, have emerged and are competing with traditional dealers. To provide a better consumer experience, the emphasis is on the simplicity of the procedure and adding online services and physical branches.
  • Auto agent or independent dealership: Many auto agents buy vehicles and resell them on consignment, keeping a percentage of the sale. You can negotiate the resale price of your car with them, or they can help you determine a consignment selling price if you decide to do so.
  • Retailers: They do not sell a vehicle directly to consumers, and can only sell to other dealers, or to an auction company.
  • Car loan from a dealership: Many customers who buy their car from a dealership need it for their daily commute, especially in areas where access to public transport is limited. These dealerships have customers looking for affordable cars. There is a little chance that they will take back an expensive model from you.

Which car dealer to choose?

We advise you to meet with several dealers to find a suitable buyback offer. Some dealers offer promotions according to the seasons and periods, and it is interesting to compare several offers. If you own a Honda, then it is interesting to get information from a Honda garage.

Most dealers only offer trade-in for vehicles that are in good condition or are easy to resell. Indeed, dealers buy your vehicle intending to resell it. It is sometimes difficult to buy back your old diesel car. Note that the vast majority of dealers attach to their trade-in proposal an obligation to purchase a new vehicle. The valuation of your vehicle is also often excluded from the buyback offer. 

Prepare well to sell your car at a dealership.

By selling your car to a dealership, you may run out of insurance because you have less experience in the business than them. This should not prevent you from carrying out the negotiation to the end. Simply, you have to prepare yourself and know what awaits you. Your vehicle is still valuable!

  • Do some research: Estimate your car’s rating beforehand and show upfront that you have done the research?
  • Be Real: Most businesses have now realized that customer satisfaction is what will bring them the most long-term benefits. A dealer will make you an offer that will be economically profitable. There will always be a way to negotiate, but a dealership cannot offer as much as an individual would. She needs to build a margin to profit from the resale of the vehicle.
  • Trade-in with care: If you want to trade in car for a new one, handle the two deals separately. First, close the resale of your car, and once the sale is complete, learn about new cars.
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