How to Negotiate a like A Pro in a Car Deal

It is always a moment of hesitation when trying to buy a car in a car deal: should you take the time to negotiate or not? Usually, entering into a negotiation can save you a lot of money, which may seem like too little when you compare it to the total amount a new car costs, but which won’t be offensive to your wallet. So, what attitude should you adopt in negotiating when buying your new car? What do you need to know before negotiating? What arguments to use? Here’s our guide to how to negotiate a car deal like a pro. 

Have the right attitude

Negotiating a new car is a bit like playing poker; you have to know how to bluff! Without playing the expert, an isolated and thoughtful attitude remains your best weapon when faced with a salesperson eager to close a Car Deal. Be patient and moderate your enthusiasm because, in this case, a good salesperson will make a little effort to convince you.

Make the negotiation last during a Car Deal.

Once the salesperson understands your needs and expectations, don’t be afraid to interrupt the negotiation to come and revive the dealership later. 

Indeed, after seeing your reiterated interest in his product since you still take the trouble to come back, the salesperson will be more inclined to re-negotiate in order to conclude a sale that it would be a shame to let it go. 

Do not immediately start taking back your old vehicle.

Don’t talk about the trade-in of your old car. If your car enters the negotiations before having obtained the rebate, this fact of the problem can quickly work against you. Wait until you have a clear offer before starting the second round of negotiations, which concerns your old vehicle. First the new and then the old one, in that order only.

Don’t be clumsy; let the seller suggest

Negotiating is also a game, and salespeople know it better than you do. But certain unspoken rules of good conduct must be observed. Do not ask for substantial discounts directly; this could be misunderstood, let the car seller initiate the offer, and this is part of his role. We repeat the first offer is never final, do not settle for it. The dealer keeps it under the pedal. Take the time; it will work in your favor. If at some point the seller no longer drops, it is because he has reached his limit.

Wait for the right period.

While there is no longer really a more favorable period for buying, three months remain fairly favorable for negotiation: August, September, and January. Buying a new car at the end of the year is worthwhile. The best month is December; in fact, the dealerships are willing to grant some more discounts. This is a marketing operation to match the numbers of the objectives at the beginning of the year.

It is more important for dealerships to reach a fixed budget. Getting a single profit from a sale is not the goal, which is why you will find amazing offers. In short, it is a win-win situation. Also, in January, you may find some offers, especially for cars at Km 0. 

Know your needs for the Car Deal

The buying process begins long before the regular shopping spree when the consumer goes to one or more car dealers to visit and negotiate the purchase of their next car.

The first element that a motorist should seek to meet when purchasing a new vehicle is their needs. Buying a vehicle quickly could turn into a nightmare if the consumer realizes a month later that they don’t like their purchase for some X reason or Y factor. 

Got a heavy vehicle to move in the spring and fall, and that requires you to look at big SUV or even pickup trucks? Maybe it would make more sense to rent a pickup truck twice a year rather than buy a big bulky SUV. Perhaps a compact car would be more suitable for your needs. Unless you have an urgent need, take the time to properly assess your needs! Keep a cool head and use your best-negotiating skills to get your car at the best price at Cars N U!

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