Car 2nd hand, How to Maintain Its Value?

To keep the car 2nd hand value high before reselling it, it is advisable to put in place a series of evaluations and measures to preserve the general value of the car.

There are essentially three evaluations to be made:

  • The condition of the engine and its components, as well as maintenance or the history of interventions, carried out on the car;
  • The amount of kilometers traveled by the vehicle;
  • The state of the bodywork and the car’s exterior play a crucial role in the first impact for a potential buyer.

All these factors will affect the value of your car 2nd hand. So it is advisable to always keep every aspect under control to guarantee the right value.

Park your vehicle in a safe place, to maintain the Car 2nd Hand Value

If you have the possibility, be sure to park your car in a safe place to protect it. Indeed, the sun, the salty air, and hail are all elements that gradually degrade your vehicle’s paint. In the absence of a garage, it is possible to protect it with a cover or a mobile car garage. 

Maintain your car to preserve the Car Value

All customers want to buy something that is still in good shape. This is why it is imperative to maintain your vehicle properly. For that, you must make regular checks at a good mechanic. Above all, it is necessary to keep the various receipts for interventions and for emptying operations. You should also avoid changing parts frequently, as many people find replacement parts not as reliable as factory ones.

Caution will also allow you to avoid accidents as much as possible because they entail a lot of work that could depreciate your car at the time of purchase. However, honesty must remain the watchword during operations.


Well-equipped cars are generally easier to resell, which immediately improves resale value. In addition, the difference between the price of a fully equipped car and a base model when purchased is less in the used car market. This is why many consumers are generally inclined towards a better-equipped car when they buy a used model.

So opt for equipment like a sunroof, automatic transmission, leather seats, navigation system, dual-zone air conditioning, larger rims, heated seats, and xenon headlights at the time of departure. It can help improve the car resale value of the vehicle later on.

Make the right choice of vehicle

To increase the value of a car, start by learning about the depreciation rate of certain models. This will allow you to estimate the resale value of a car 2nd hand of a particular brand. Also, make the right choice on the brand. The brand is an important point to take into account if you plan to sell your car. Moreover, some brands are more expensive than others. So, learn about the values ​​of each brand and its discount.

The color of a car is also decisive for a resale. Most buyers are more drawn to classic colors like black, gray, white, or red than flamboyant colors.

Bodywork in good condition

Dull bodywork proves its lack of maintenance. By cleaning it daily, the paint will keep its shine. Remember to polish it gently from time to time, as well as the rims of your tires. Many products on the market will not scratch paint and are environmentally friendly. 

Change the parts of your car when they are damaged.

One day, all motorists are confronted with these small daily snags- a scratched door, a broken headlight, a torn mirror. All those little damaged parts can lower the price of your car. Fortunately, there are now sites that sell spare parts for cars. For example, you can buy new mirrors online, headlights, wheel covers and ensure that a car is presented in very good condition. Do not forget to put a blow of “polish” on the scratches and to remove the points of rust. Buyers trust a seller who carefully maintains the interior and exterior of their vehicle.

Choose original parts

Whatever part you want to change, make sure it is original because spare parts on the market are less reliable and significantly lower the vehicle’s resale value. Increasing the value of your car requires a judicious choice as soon as it is purchased and regular and serious maintenance to resell it at the best price.

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