Buy a car in Singapore? 5 important factors for new car

When it comes time buying a car in Singapore, many people get carried away and turn their attention to very expensive models. Often, in fact, we tend to underestimate the real expenses that these entail. We must not think only of fuel, but also of those expenses necessary to be able to circulate in a legal manner (tax and insurance). If you are planning to buy a new car, then consider our research tips that help you get the best car.

Consider your budget

First of all, you need to determine which cars are right for your budget. Keep in mind that you are supposed to haggle when buying a car, so don’t be fooled by the price of the sticker. Use online resources to find out what people in your area paid for the same car. Determine if you want to buy the car or lease it. Also think about other things that play a role in your budget, like energy efficiency.

You take out a car loans to pay for the car, don’t you? Keep in mind that the cost of the car should not exceed twenty percent of take-home pay. Buying the car will be more difficult if you are on a budget. It is essential to consider the car’s affordability today and the future cost of the car in terms of maintenance, repairs, insurance or fuel. Once these are factored in, and you are confident that you can afford the car, you can proceed with the purchase.

Resale value

Many people underestimate these aspects, but in choosing the right car, you should always consider the degree of resale of the car and car maintenance costs. You should take into account especially if you have the habit of changing cars often, for example, every 5 or 6 years. In this case, what good is a model that completely loses value within a few years? It would be a bad investment. Similarly, it would be very wrong to invest in a car with a very low price but with very high maintenance costs. So, ‘what I save at the beginning I pay later with interest’, is absolutely not worth the money.


When you are buying a car, there are only a handful of priorities that you should take into account and security is the topmost priority. So pay maximum attention to this point. Among other things, even your insurance premium can be reduced in the presence of more effective security systems.

When choosing the car, consider what the standard safety features are that help you protect. In the case of a limited budget forgo the less essential accessories (such as metallic paint or the radio), but not the safety ones. The key ones are ABS, ESP and airbags.

Cost of insurance

The cost of insurance can vary from company to company, but it is usually based on a few factors. If you are a new driver, then your insurance premium can be increased by a certain amount. Other factors that determine the cost of insurance are the manufacturer, model, and year of manufacturing of your car. New cars are more expensive to insure than older models.

The purchase contract

The document you have to sign to buy your new car must be completed on the manufacturer’s pre-printed form and must specify. Besides, the agreed price and all necessary details should be included in the purchase contract, For instance, your car model, displacement, equipment, version, exterior colors and interior, type of fabrics and interior finishes, standard and extra accessories. If the chassis number is also indicated, check that it is the same as on the car.

Bottom line:

Whatever plans you have for your vehicle, you need to make sure it is safe, comfortable, reliable, and affordable. You can begin your research online from the comfort of your own home and analyze your budget before you go to a dealership. Do your homework before heading to a car dealership because it can make your shopping experience more productive. Buying a car doesn’t have to be a long, long process. With proper research and planning, you can get the right car with peace of mind.

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