BMW Singapore Price List – How Much Does It Cost?

Whether you’re buying first car or your third, you want to make the best investment each time. And there can be no better company to invest in than BMW. This brand has cars that are both lavish and incredibly powerful, and once you get used to driving a Bimmer, there’s no way you’ll ever go back. So, if you’re looking to purchase your first BMW but aren’t sure of the BMW Singapore Price, keep reading below. We’ve compiled the BMW SG price list (estimation) which will help you pick just which car you should get. 

bmw singapore price

BMW Singapore Price List

BMW 1 Series 118i Luxury (A) – $152,888

First up we have the 118i, the smallest petrol run version from the 1 series. This is one of the most popular hatchbacks from BMW, making up around 20% of its sales. It’s a powerful thing, with 1.5-liter, 3-cylinder turbocharged engine, producing 138bhp. You can choose to opt for either a seven-speed automatic or a six-speed manual. This car has a front-wheel drive, which gives it a shorter bonnet and over 20 liters of extra boot space. You also get more legroom, alongside excellent grip and traction from an evenly distributed torque and a multi-link rear suspension. On the price list, this car is priced at $152,888 and is set to increase.

BMW 1 Series 118i M Sport (A) – $155,888

Another one from the 1 series, this is yet another powerful and classy hatchback that is family-friendly yet sporty. The 1.5-liter turbocharged engine can take you from 0mph to blazing fast speeds of 62mph in under 10 seconds. The car is quiet despite its power, and of course, has a lavish and roomy cabin. It also has heated front seats. The car is airy, with leather trim and has ample legroom and boot space to carry your passengers comfortably and store all your groceries. This hatchback is close to the 118i in the BMW Singapore price list at $155,888 and is also set to rise.

BMW 2 Series 216i Gran Tourer Luxury (A) – $163,786

Moving on to the 2 series, this BMW 7 seater Singapore price is reasonable which packs luxury and power. If you aim for practicality, this multi-purpose vehicle is the one you should opt for. This car comes with tremendous boot space of up to 560 liters when you fold up the seats in the third row. The engine is incredibly powerful, at 2 liters turbocharged, and can help propel this car to blazing-fast speeds. There is a lot of steering precision with this car as well, which is only slightly hindered by its larger size. On the BMW price listthis car falls at $163,786, which is still a bargain for the incredible features and class that you get. 

BMW 3 Series 330e Sedan Luxury Line (A) – $253,888

Now we’re skipping ahead to the series 3. This is a hybrid with multiple modes, with each packing a great deal of power. One of the most exciting modes is the intelligent hybrid mode, which lets the car pick the best mode of action depending on the route you have to take. Overall, this is a plugin that can be aggressive when you need it to, but also mellow depending on where you are. Of course, the insides are every bit the luxury we have all come to expect from BMW, and are roomy and airy, with a touch of class. This sedan is priced at $253,888.

BMW 7 Series 745Le xDrive (A) – $504,888

This is the 7 series and the most expensive Bimmer on the BMW price listThis is a luxury driver’s car, as much of BMW’s brand image, and yet it offers a modern touch as it is a petrol-electric plugin, with immense class. The engine is incredibly powerful, and as is the handling. This allows you to maneuver smoothly and silently through even the most crowded of streets, and reach any destination on time and with class. We assure you that the $504,888 price tag is well worth it.

bmw singapore price

Bottom line for BMW Price List Singapore

At Cars N U, we want to bring happiness to all of our customers, and that’s precisely what we hope to do with this BMW Singapore price listWe hope you find the perfect BMW for yourself, and you can read car guide to learn the best practices of buying a car before you invest.

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