Best eco-friendly car washing tips

Car Washing keeps it looking great and helps it to maintain its value. However, washing a car is not the most eco-friendly process. The chemicals that are found in cleaning products can damage our environment. Soaps run into storm drains, polluting our waterways. When you use conventional cleaning products to wash your car, you waste a significant amount of water. 

Fortunately, you can make your vehicle look brand new without wasting water and damaging your environment. Here are a few car washing tips to help make the process of washing your car as eco-friendly as possible.

Park Your Car Where Water Absorbs Into the Ground

When possible, park your car on a surface where water can be absorbed into the ground when you are washing it. This includes a grassy lawn or a dirt lot. This helps to prevent water from running off into storm drains when you are washing your car. It also allows the excess water to be used in a purposeful manner.

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Use a Hose with a Shutoff Valve

When you wash your car, you may allow the hose to run constantly. Turning the hose on and off again with the spigot can be a hassle. Instead, consider installing an attachment that allows you to shut off the water when it is not in use and turn it on when it is in use. A spraying attachment can do this, allowing you to control when water comes out of the hose.

Avoid Using Soaps with Chemicals

Many of the soaps that are used to wash cars contain chemicals. These chemicals can make their way into our waterways, killing fish, wildlife and harming our clean water supplies. Try to avoid using cleaning products that contain any of these chemicals.

  • Quaternary ammonium compounds
  • Phosphate
  • Surfactants
  • Triclosan
  • Ammonia
  • Perchloroethylene

Recycle As Much Trash From Your Car

Cleaning your car does not involve simply washing the outside of your car. You may also clean out trash from the inside of your car. When you do, be sure to recycle any old water bottles or cans that you have in the car, rather than simply throwing them away in the trash can.

Commercial Car Wash

 Do you want an eco-friendly car washA commercial car wash is a solution to clean your car in a greenway. The wastewater should be treated before letting it go into the nearby drainage system. The commercial car wash centers use a computer-controlled pressure pump for car wash, and waste is treated beforehand. That way, the aquatic ecosystem will not get polluted and minimize the water usage in car cleaning. 

Either you use a drive-through car wash or commercial car wash; it will not only save water but save your time and energy. However, it might cost you some money, but they clean your car thoroughly in an eco-friendly way. So, in the long run, the money spent will be worth it. In short, if you say commercial car washing is the best way to clean your car in a green way, it won’t be wrong.

Bio-Degradable soap

The next car cleaning tip is to use bio-degradable soap. If you don’t use commercial car washing services, washing your car in your home with biodegradable soap is an eco-friendly way to wash it. These soaps have no harmful chemicals and better than conventional car washing chemicals as it is phosphate-free. These soaps are water-based cleaner, so you can use them to clean your car without affecting your environment. 

Cleaning cars in the driveway can be harmful because of the chemicals you use for car cleaning. The soap or cleaning liquid contains sodium, phosphate, and potassium that are harmful to soil and water. If you use bio-degradable soap, you can wash your car by yourself in your home in an eco-friendly manner. 

Waterless car washing

Waterless car washing is probably one of the best car wash tipsYou can clean your car without wasting water. Using car wash spray is one such way to wash your car. Using a spray gun, you can not only minimize the water usage for car cleaning but also protect the environment. You can even do spot cleaning of your car with a spray gun and wipe the dust off with a clean and moist washcloth. Spot cleaning is more effective than cleaning with a hose or pipe.

The key benefit of doing waterless car washing is that no harmful chemical is getting into the sewers, and you clean your car without damaging the environment. While you will not get the satisfaction of washing your car with a hose or pipe, this method of using a spray gun for car washing is better for the environment.

Save the water by using Water Spray Gun.

When people wash their cars at home, the biggest issue that they run into is wasting water. If you are cleaning your car in your home, the hose is the main culprit to wastewater. In order to save water, ditch the hose. You can save several liters of water per wash by using other alternatives. They can limit their water usage when you use water guns instead of using a hose. This way, you can save water and keep track of how much water you are using for car washing. 

You can save tones of water annually if you use an old-fashioned bucket instead of spraying down your vehicle with a hose. Even you can use a water spray bottle for cleaning your car. If you are using a hose, you can still do a good job by using a fraction of water for cleaning. These days, waterless products are also available on the market that gives your vehicle a water-free spot car wash.

Use homemade detergents

Homemade detergents are the best way when it comes to limit pollutants. Commercial car washing products have plenty of unnecessary chemicals. But the good thing is that you can ditch these car washing products and achieve the same level of the car clean with a homemade recipe. The window cleaners are the best natural car cleaners. These car cleaners are used on the car windows, but they also work wonders for the car’s main body. 

If you wash them off as quickly as possible, these detergents are safe for your vehicle and your environment as well. That’s because the homemade cleaner for windows is organic. You can make it at home- all you need to do is mix tap water and distilled vinegar in equal parts into a spray bottle.

For cleaning the main body of your car, add two tablespoons of mild soap. Keep in mind that it doesn’t use any cleaning product that has the degreasing agent even if it is natural such as citrus orange cleaners. Mild soap is alone enough because these degreasing chemicals will break down the vehicle’s gel coat finish. This breaks down of protection causes the oxidization of the paint over time that you obviously don’t want.

Park in the Grass

Your yard’s soil can filter chemicals such as gas and oil out of water that runs off your vehicle when you clean it. You can say that you will not be putting the debris into your yard. That’s why it is considered a safe spot for washing cars here than the storm drains on the driveway or your street. 

Moreover, the run-off water from cleaning your vehicle will be absorbed by the grass. You can even skip watering the lawn due to car washing.

DIY Organic Wax

Use the organic wax for your car for the post-wash shine and remove any spot from your car—all you need to mix two parts of olive oil with one part of lemon juice. Use a washcloth or old toothbrush to rub this DIY mixture into the coat of your car. Now, take a dry buffing cloth and apply the wax. You can even make your own car wax too. Rodale’s Organic Life introduced a simple DIY recipe for car wax that you can easily make in your kitchen if you are handy with a stove. 

If you want to bring your car’s previous look back to life, make your own car wax. It is the best green solution to make your car shine. It is also used for removing stubborn dirt, debris off the car body, and dried bugs. Use this organic wax on these spots to remove stubborn spots that other car cleaners couldn’t handle.

Wash your car right after a rainstorm

This may sound absurd because we all think that rain washes all the dirt off the vehicle. Unless there wasn’t too much dirt on your car to start with or the rain was heavy, chances are it might not do much to wash your vehicle. However, it can wet down the entire surface of your motor car that can save several gallons of water if you wash it off right after the rainstorm. That way, you do not need to use your hose to wet the car surface sudsing it.

Cleaning Windows with Vinegar instead of using soap

Want to clean your car windows while being eco-friendly? You can do it by using vinegar for window cleaning instead of using soap to clean them. Fill the spray bottle with vinegar and clean your windows with a clean washcloth. Do a spot cleaning of car windows with vinegar. The best thing about using this method is that you can clean your windows without affecting the environment in any way. Spray some vinegar onto the windows and wipe them off with a clean rag. You can see out of clean windows while not affecting your environment.

Using reusable washcloth

Use a reusable washcloth instead of using one-time-use wipes or cloth. When you use a reusable washcloth, it will reduce waste that benefits our environment in a great way. It not only save your money on purchasing new wipes or clothes but also reduces the accumulation of grit.

Select an Eco-Friendly Car Wash

Lastly, if you don’t have time to wash your car yourself, look for an eco-friendly car wash. Eco-friendly car washes may use less water or recycled water, and they use eco-friendly soaps.

Washing a car can be a tough chore if you have a car that you hate or are not proud of. But washing a car that you love is a whole different experience. No one should be riding around in a car that they are not proud to show off. 

Take away:

  • Choose the soap that is biodegradable and non-toxic. It should not contain fragrance, phosphate, petroleum, and chlorine. 
  • Try not to use acid-based cleaners for wheels.
  • Avoid using hose-off engine degreasers.
  • Don’t pour the dirty water onto the driveway, street, or sidewalk. Dispose of this dirty water in a toilet or sink.
  • Make sure that your vehicle is not leaking fluids like oil etc.
  • Wash the car on the unpaved surface or on your lawn. This way, rinse water will be filtered through dirt before reaching the sewer. 
  • When you are sudsing up your car with detergent, turn off the hose and rinse the car as quickly as possible. 
  • Don’t use disposable products to wash. Instead, use reusable cloths to wash and dry your vehicle.
  • Wipe down your car after the rain or in wet weather to loosen the grit.

Bottom Line:

Not all of us are aware of the environmental issues caused by car washing at home. You can mitigate them by following any of the car washing tips listed above. Using a commercial car wash is the best way to wash your car in an eco-friendly manner. We hope this article is helpful for you on how to clean your car while not affecting the environment. If you have any other eco-friendly car wash tips, let Cars N U know in the comment box! 

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