Best Car Accessories and Gadgets That You Must Have

You can make your drive cooler and interesting by exploring so many car gadgets and accessories. Some are a bit expensive but worth it, and some are cheaper. But one thing is sure, all those car accessories and gadgets are really cool and helpful to have. There are different purposes, like safety, surveillance, applications, monitoring, etc. Here are a few coolest of them to must-have. Just make sure to check all reviews before you go for these. Let’s look at some best car accessories and gadgets that take your vehicle into the 21st century.

Recommended 14 Car Accessories

Mirror Dash Camera 

A mirror dash camera makes you feel safer and knows what around your vehicle while driving or parking. It is one of the best gadgets to buy for a car. It gives you the front as well as the rearview live video footage flashing on your rearview mirror. You can check front and back while driving or especially it works great in traffic as well as parking.

Parking Assistant

Parking in close spaces is a difficult, risky as well as time-taking job to do. Parking assistant devices help you with the same. Whenever you need to pull up your car in small garages or inside closed-door spaces, a parking assistant helps you to achieve the larger space, get help to maximize it, and prevent any kind of hit which can do some serious damage to the bumper.

Automatic Pro Car Adapter

An automatic pro car adapter can be easily plugged into the standard diagnostic port (OBD-II), find in most cars, or you can find the adapter compatible with your car as well. This device can pull data directly from your vehicles’ computer. It comes along the paired smartphone app gives great features like notifying emergency services in case of accident or emergency, a GPS vehicle locator, mileage log, and others. It is also compatible work with third-party applications like Amazon Echo, Nest, and IFTTT.

Rooftop Tent

It is one of the interesting and cool accessories for car owners, mostly for the people who travel around, love camping and all. It is a foldable rooftop tent that can be set up in minutes and can intake like four people. It is ultra-comfortable and has king size mattress inside. It works perfectly for all sorts of weather conditions and geographical regions.

Hudway Cast

Hudway Cast is one of the most useful car tools to have. You will get a Hudway portable display that can be fixing on the dashboard easily. It is easily compatible with smartphones where various functions like managing and making calls, switch tracks, sharing locations, and more can be managed very easily. You will have a transparent display with the virtual image in front of you while driving, visible day and night as well.

Wireless Charging Mount

Wireless charging mount will solve your charging issues with the phone where you had to keep looking for wire chargers and put it down on the dashboard. Wireless charging mount is faster than a standard charger. It will be placed just at eye level to follow the Google map instructions and other things easily.

Magnetic Phone Mounts

Don’t want to get distracted while driving? In this case, magnetic phone mounts are a lifesaver that costs less than what you spend on lunch. It is recommended to buy it from Maxboost. They are small in size that works with any mobile phone. It slips right into the air vent for installation—all you need to stick a metal plate on the backside of your cell phone. You can make it sandwich inside your case so that magnets can work. Each mount has four magnets to make that your phone will not fall off during driving. There is a secured dual-size claw on each mount at its backside that has a rubberized exterior in order to avoid any damage to the air vents of your car. Above all, they can be adjusted easily, which helps you get the best viewing angle on your mobile phone.

GPS Tracker

When it comes to car gadgets and accessories, a GPS tracker is top of the list of car accessories that every car owner should have. It tells you where your car is in real-time anywhere and anytime. GPS tracker is connected with your smartphone. This is a very useful accessory for the parents of teen kids to keep track of the location of their kids. For instance, if someone tries to steal your vehicle, it can be very useful for you. The recommended GPS tracker is the Spy Tech GPS tracker that every car driver should take into account. Drivers can also set up a geo-fence. This way, they will be informed via email or text if the vehicle goes over another place that is not pre-determined.

Dashboard Grip Pad 

This is a silicon grip pad that needs no installation. Place it on your car’s dashboard, where you store your keys, papers, cables, and sunglasses. This dashboard grip pad is also used to mount your phone due to its tab that props it up at a certain angle.

Hand Vacuum

Want to keep your car interior tidy when you are on the go? A hand vacuum is portable and perfect for keeping your car’s interior clean without any hassle. Very much sure that the application of car vacuum cleaners is so obvious but will be too foolish to ignore. Car vacuum cleaners let you clean all the dust, debris, and dirt inside your car. It is specifically designed for the interior of automobiles.

 It provides powerful suction and cyclonical action to keep your filter tidy. It comes with a narrow nozzle that can be reached with ease to all nooks and crannies. It is very handy to clean your car interior anywhere and anytime. If you are looking to buy a hand vacuum, the recommended product is the Black & Decker hand vacuum, which is cordless and portable as well. It comes with lithium batteries that have the capability of holding their power for up to 1 year. Its smart charge technology lets you use less than 50% energy than other brands. 

Car Trash

When you buy a car, your number one priority is to keep it clean and brand new all the time. That’s where car trash comes in that keeps your car tidy. Car trash is usually a waterproof organizer that you can be hug on the seatback or door. You can even hang it behind the center console. It can be a great new home for gum wrappers and granola bar wrappers. Either you are going on long trips or a weekend road trip, where you hardly find the garbage disposal stop; it will be your best ally.

Car jump starter

If your car is not getting started, you have no need to call tow truck services for help; use car jump-started. Now, you have no need to wait on the roadside for help with this car jump starter. It comes with built-in clamps and heavy-duty cables that will lump your vehicle 20 times on a single charge.

Emergency winter car kit

In some countries, if you want to be prepared for winter, then an emergency winter car kit can rescue you in wintry condition. It has a handy storage bag that you can stow in your car’s trunk. It has a folding shovel that is compact that tackles the ice grips and thick snow to make sure that you remain safe and sturdy in winter.

This kit also has a hi-vis jacket that ensures that other drivers can see you and help you are in cold dark nights. The foil blanket keeps you in your body heat when you are waiting for a breakdown rescue in wintery condition.  

CARhandGEL Dispenser

During the Covid-19 pandemic, it is a staple car accessory because it helps to keep your hand sanitizer on the go. Halmo’s CARhandGEL is the recommended product. It is designed for vans and cars, and it fits into the cup holder of your car. Even you can customize it with your name or logo.

Hybrid Coffee Maker

You may find a variety of coffee-making accessories that help you make coffee while on the go. But you may see a few accessories when it comes to road trips. The hybrid coffee made by Handpresso Auto is the best accessory for coffee lovers. It is specifically designed for car use. You can plug this coffee maker into the cigarette lighter. It makes a perfect cup of coffee within 2 minutes. This hybrid coffee maker can be fitted in your cup holder and works with ground coffee and ESE coffee pods.  

Car Air Purifier

Your car’s air quality can suffer while you are on a long commute. The filtration systems that are used in the cars are not advanced-means you can’t compare them with home HVAC systems. That’s why getting good air quality in your car can be hard to achieve. You might think that an air-purifying unit will not be used in the vehicle’s cabin due to its bulkiness. But you’d be wrong because a car air purifier is a lightweight unit that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter of your car. With conic technology, this unit cleans the air in your car all day long.

Backseat Organizers

Backseat organizers save you from potential headaches, especially if you have kids while traveling. The recommended product is ULEEKA backseat organizers that can be easily installed using its adjustable top and bottom straps. It comes with machine-washable fabric. Furthermore, it is water-resistant and makes for easy care. To keep it clean, you can wipe it down with a clean damp cloth. The backseat organizers feature nine storage pockets in which you can store books, food, and water bottles. It also features a touchscreen tablet holder where you can accommodate any tablet with a size of 10”. These organizers manufacture from polyester and come with a 12 months warranty.

Mini Fridge

It might be possible that a mini-fridge will not appeal to everyone, but it is a great car accessory that offers various benefits. AstroAI mini fridge is the most recommended product which offers 32°F cooling capacity or keeps warm to 150°F. Its storage capacity is four liters-means you can keep 12 ounces or six cans in storage. You can put it anywhere inside the car. Even you can store fruit, yogurt, and milk using its removable shelf.

Take Away:

  • Car accessories and gadgets can be used for different purposes like monitoring safety, applications, and surveillance.
  • A mirror dash camera helps you to get to know what around your car while driving or parking.
  • If you are a traveling or camping guy, the rooftop tent can be your best ally.
  • GPS tracker can be connected with your phone and tell you where your car is at any time.
  • To solve the charging issue, a wireless charging mount is the best solution.
  • A magnetic phone mount will not make your phone fall off during driving.
  • Hand vacuum cleaners for the car clean all the dust, debris inside your car.
  • If you have a plan to go on a long road trip, car trash can help you keep your car clean.
  • CARhandGEL Dispenser keeps your hands sanitized on the go. It is very useful during this ongoing pandemic.
  • A coffee maker helps you make a cup of coffee in just two minutes during traveling. 
  • A car air purifier makes your car’s air quality better.
  • The backseat organizers come with storage pockets and a tablet holder that can be installed easily in your car.

Bottom Line:

There’s no doubt that the way we drive has changed in this digital world. These car accessories and  gadgets are easy to come by and affordable. Moreover, they can make your vehicle more comfortable and make your driving experience better than ever. We hope that you will find which accessories are most suitable for your needs through the above-mentioned best car gadget and accessories.

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