All You Need to Know About Car Window Tinting

If you or any of your family members own a car, you must know there are many ways to redecorate it. You can make your car look more attractive by changing or adding something to its parts. This includes its color, rims, windows, and its headlights, etc. Car window tinting is now a common practice to enhance a car’s look and protect it.

Tinting can be referred to as coloring, dyeing, highlighting, or lowlighting the windows of your car. For applying a tint, a thin film of laminate is applied to a car’s window. These films come in various colors and quality. Let’s learn more about car window tinting.

Why to Tint Car’s Windows

When you get your car windows tinted, it enhances the look of your car. A tint is applied to the car’s windows for security purposes because you cannot see through from a car with tint. It provides security in case any VIP etc., is travelling or in case someone tries to peep inside your car. Tinting helps protect the car from ultraviolet (UV) rays and UVA. These rays are damaging and may cause sunburns, tanning, and even skin cancers.

Car windows with tint help get rid of glare or lights and sun, saving you from the accident. Applying a tint to your car keeps it from absorbing heat and interiors of the car safe. It also resists and protects car windows from scratch and smash. It is beneficial in case window glass is broken; tinting helps in avoiding the scattering of window glass. When you drive with tinted car windows, there is no need to put on glasses. Tinting gives you paybacks when you sell car or may appeal to you when you buy a car.

What You Need to Know for Car Window Tinting

The trend of car window tinting is increasing day by day. It can be confirmed through research that the car tinting industry will make 4.48 billion by the year 2025. It’s better to have a thorough knowledge and some basics before tinting your car windows.


First and foremost, know your budget. It is not as expensive as to calculate for car loans but essential. The prices for tint films or sheets are different for different brands. The cost of tint also depends on the quality. You also need to decide if you want all windows to be tinted or not. An estimated cost for good tinting will cost around $100-$400 and higher.

The term ‘reasonable’ is referred to a good quality tint that will cost you above $100 (for all car windows). Remember, you are applying tint to your not only to make it look more imaginative but also like an investment. Don’t spend on cheap tinting as it will not last long, nor you will enjoy much of the benefits through it.


Many brands offer a warranty within the price of tint. These warranties promise the quality of tint and save you in case of any fault.


We know you can save some money by tinting car windows yourself. However, it is suggested to take professional service to get it done for you correctly. It will save time and keep you from having bubbles on them or from misusing them. Some tint providers also offer machine-cutting tint, which ensures that tint is placed and applied correctly to your car windows. The poorly applied tint may come off quickly or maybe peeled off easily.

Give it time

When you have already invested your money for getting those tints on your car windows, don’t ruin it with impatience. Allow time for those tints for settling down properly on windows before you make a move to roll them down. Usually, it takes a couple of days to develop.


Consider a brand that has a good reputation for car window tinting. Although you may prefer a non-branded tint for your car, we recommend branded one as to the quality and performance it offers.

Percentage of tint

It depends on your choice or needs to decide how dark you want to go with your tints. However, 50% of the tint is recommended for resisting glares and allows you safe driving. Tints have a different percentage that allows different levels of visible light transmission (VLT). The darker tint will make it difficult to see out of your car through windows, especially in the dark or at night. This may hurdle in safe driving.

The tinting option comes with 5%-90%; the amount of VLT depends on these percentages. Lower percentages provide darker tints means 5% is the darkest and usually illegal. When buying a car with tint, it usually comes with 15-20% of VLT. You can choose a tint with 35% VLT if you prefer a darker one which also allows seeing through windows. 20% tint is a better choice if you are concerned about privacy as it allows you to see through only when you are close to your 

Take care

Don’t expose your tinted car windows to the sun more often, specifically when you attempt to clean them. Cleaning tinted windows with water when exposed to sunlight is the worst thing you can do to your tints.

Be careful while cleaning your car windows when it has a tint on it. Choose a gentle scrub, especially when the tint is newly applied. Look for cleaners that are organic or at least contain mild ingredients. Using cleaners with harsh chemicals like ammonia may affect the quality and performance of tints.

Is Tinting Legal? 

The laws for car window tinting vary around the world. It’s better to know if it’s legal, not legal in your country. Bear in mind that there is no excuse for the ignorance of the law. Applying dark tints may put you in trouble as law enforcement agencies don’t like them. Cops need to see through car windows for the people sitting inside when a car is stopped in traffic signals. 

So, as a security measure, consider the law before making a car deal with tinted windows or getting your own car’s window tinted. Usually, 50% tint is allowed on the front window and 35% for side and back windows. 

Most cars in Singapore have some level of tint on their windows. As per the Government Agency website of Singapore, the country allows non-reflective tints. A minimum of 70% light should pass through, from the main front and two front side windows. Back window and back side windows must pass light to 25%. You can send your vehicle authorized inspection centers for testing that it obeys proper tinting requirements.

Know Your Reason

Car tinting is done for many reasons, mainly to enhance the look of your vehicle. It is better to know your reason when planning to tint car windows, as it makes your investment more sense. 

Regulate internal temperature

Car windows tinting is a worthy investment that helps central internal temperature and reduces the use of AC within the car. This is an excellent benefit for the residents of hot places like Singapore.

Discoloration or fading

It is a good idea for keeping the interiors of your car safe. You must be familiar with many people who treat their car as a great asset and a dear possession. They want to keep their car looking new for the long term and having no scratches on it. Tint even keeps the car from discoloration, and its leather cover saves it from heat.


Driving under the scorching heat of the sun makes you drain of energy. Tinting car windows serve as a shield to protect you from heat and any distraction by glare. Hence making your drive safe even at night when you may experience high beamers. The UV rays from the sun are damaging to your skin and may cause many skin problems. This especially goes for the people with driving jobs. 

Tinting shields people in case car windows shatter due to any reason or accident. People often keep their valuables in the car when they visit malls, markets etc. tinting makes it difficult for an outsider to peep inside for theft.

How Is Car Window Tinting Done?

Tinting the car window is undoubtedly the best way to give it a new appearance, but things can become really worse if not done correctly. However, with a bit of perseverance and patience, you can conduct it properly. However, hiring a professional expert in this regard can be really helpful. It is advisable that you undergo the research work related to the window tinting laws in your state because tinting specific windows are not allowed in some cases.

So here, we are going to discuss the difficulty level of applying window tinting.

Self-cut off pre-cut

If you have never undergone the window tinting service yourself, it is recommended that you purchase a kit that contains all the items you required. Of course, you can conduct your own cutting, but it is a time-consuming process that demands skill and knowledge. Certainly, you will be unable to get the cut out perfectly in the first go. With the pre-cut kit, you can ensure that all the pieces are designed to fit the window of your car because each kit is designed for a specific car model.

Preparing the windows

Whether you are doing the cutting work yourself or buying a pre-cut kit, it is essential to prepare the car windows accordingly. It is necessary that you ensure that the window does not contain dirt and grime; else, you will be unable to execute the tinting service properly.

Cutting the tint film

It is advisable that you cut out a template for each of the car windows so that you can use them to shape the film accordingly without any wastage. Also, ensure that the film fits the window of your car properly.

Applying the tinted film

Once you get the perfect film cut out for the windows, use the application solution followed by peeling off the protective layer of the tint film to put it in place. Make sure that there is no air bubble formation while placing the tint film. Minimum 48 hours are required to dry the adhesive before you use the windows or wash your car.

The success of the entire tinting process completely depends on your dexterity, skills, patience, and how well you prepare the windows. So it is always advisable to take the help of professionals. 

Benefits of Car window tinting:

Car window tinting comes with various benefits that include:

  • It protects you from harmful UV radiation
  • It reduces the risk of theft
  • Window tinting protects your car upholstery from fading
  • Car window tinting improves security and privacy.
  • It blocks the heat from penetrating your car that in turns keeps your car cool.
  • Above all, it protects your car windows from shattering.


  • Car tinting is an increasing trend to make your car look more attractive and classier.
  • Consider the laws of your country before tinting your car windows and choosing the percentage of VLT. 
  • Car tinting is an increasing trend to make your car look more attractive and classier. It benefits you with good money when you offer a car to sell, with a good dealer like CARS N U.
  • Tinting a car is an excellent measure for keeping your car from fading and discoloration.
  • Tinted car windows provide privacy, safety, and security from any suspicious peeping, theft.
  • It makes you a safe driver during the day by avoiding glare from a different light source, including the sun and during nights saves you from high beamers.
  • Window tinting is not an aesthetic feature only; it also offers various benefits like increased security, reduces theft risk, protects from shattering and harmful UV light.

Bottom Line:

Tinting is a worthy thing to invest money in, especially for the people who love their car. It changes the look of your car and makes it look more attractive. Consider some factors, especially that of legality, before you plan car windows tinting. Select a tint that suits and serves you best according to the temperature of your city to keep your skin, eye, and driving experience safe. Knowing your reason for tinting your car windows will make it a complete praiseworthy step.

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