7 Seater Car, Smart Choice For Car Buyers In Singapore

For the average buyer, until recently 7 seater car Singapore weren’t even on the radar. Most of us perceived these cars to be unnecessary. However, in recent years the 7 seater Singapore is growing increasingly popular as a great, value for money option for expanding families. If you’re looking for the best car option out there, but don’t know what you should expect, keep reading. We’ve compiled a list of reasons why getting a 7-seater car Singapore is the smartest choice.

7 seater suv singapore

7 Seater SUV Singapore, The journey of the 7 Seater Singapore best car

What we need from a 7 Seater SUV Singapore changes as the years pass us by. When we’re single, or even newly married, we can choose to get a smaller car such a sedan or even a sports car. There’s not much room that we need, and we can easily prioritize aesthetic over functionality. However, a few years down the line, our family starts to expand. Not only that, but picking aesthetic over functionality will now start to seem a bit stupid. As your family expands, even more, the one thing you’ll need most is security and space, and that’s precisely what you get with the 7-seater car Singapore. While you outgrow the sedan or sports car in a matter of a few years, the 7-seater car will last you a lifetime.

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What to consider when getting a 7 Seater Car Singapore?


Of course, this is inarguably the most significant factor that decides which car we choose. When considering the price, however, try not to pinch too many pennies. If you get a car that’s way too cheap, it’s likely to break down much more over the years. This can raise the cost of owning that car exponentially. Instead of blindly buying the first cheap car you see, consider following our guide on buying a used car the smart way.

Safety features to consider

As your family grows, safety is the most important thing you should look for in your 7-seater car Singapore. Here are a few features you should consider.


7-seater cars Singapore have as many airbags as the passengers, ensuring that everyone from the drivers to the passengers is completely safe. Additionally, there are also drivers’ knee and curtain airbags designed to protect our most sensitive areas.

A rear-view camera and reverse alerts

These are absolutely essential, not only for ensuring that some obstacle doesn’t damage our car we can’t see but also for ensuring the safety of others. Reverse alerts can pick up any object we can’t see in the rear-view mirror, and tell us to stop reversing before we get too close. This can help us be a safer driver because we can avoid any children or pets that may be too close to the rear of our car.

7 seater car singapore

Our top picks for 7 seater SUV car Singapore

Mazda CX-9 SUV 

This is powerful and attractive SUV 7 Seater Singapore that packs a punch. With a 2.5-litre turbocharged engine, you can enjoy a ride that isn’t just fast, but smooth and easy to handle as well. You get oodles of space with this car and get a ride that looks and has the features of a premium car at a fraction of the cost.

KIA Sorento 2017

If cost-effectiveness is what you prioritize upon, this is the car for you. The Sorento offers the lowest fuel consumption in this class and is large and roomy at a great price. The engine is 2.2 litres turbocharged and offers excellent performance. The cherry on top is the fact that the KIA Sorento has a 5-star safety rating.

Nissan X-trail

If you want a sports car, but have a family to transport, the Nissan X-trail is the perfect pick for you. While this car may look like a sports car, its still a 7-seater car Singapore with excellent space to carry a great deal of luggage and passengers. Additionally, the interior is furnished entirely in leather, making in luxe and classy.

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The bottom line for Suv 7 seater Singapore

The perfect car for you will inspire you the minute you lay your eyes on it. That’s precisely why we, at Cars N U, want you to find the perfect car for yourself and your family. Get in touch with us for an informational and inspiring buying car process that’ll lead you to the 7-seater car Singapore of your dreams.

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