2nd hand car, 6 mistakes to Avoid before buying

Owning a vehicle is a necessity for many Singaporean people to get to work, drive their children from one activity to another, etc. For others, it is an appreciable comfort to go for a weekend on a whim, and it does not have to rent a 2nd hand car to go on vacation. Despite the success of carpooling sites and vehicle lending platforms between individuals, the purchase of a car remains a must for many Singaporean people who want to acquire a reliable, comfortable, and, if possible beautiful car, all at one reasonable price.

To succeed in your acquisition and not regret your purchase, discover the 6 mistakes not to make when you are going to buy a 2nd hand car.

Do not negotiate the price:

The first mistake to avoid is not to negotiate the price. As with any product sold second-hand, it is always possible to negotiate, even when the seller says they do not want to. If the 2nd hand car seems too expensive, then you will always have to negotiate. Conversely, if it seems too inexpensive to you, it may be that there is an eel under the rock. In any case, Cars N U remains your primary source of information on used vehicle prices.

Not going on a test drive

This can be listed as one of the biggest mistakes when it comes to buying a 2nd hand car. If the owner doesn’t allow you to go on a test drive, don’t buy this car. Avoid committing this mistake; simply don’t purchase that car. Always go for a test drive, either you are buying a used car or a new car. Do not be limited to a short drive in a parking lot. In order to properly assess the condition of the car, it is advisable to test different maneuvers with the vehicle, as well as to drive on different terrains. If it is possible to drive in the rain to see how the car reacts in this kind of weather condition, then that is a big plus.

Buying a car alone

Always come in pairs for the inspection. Two pairs of eyes are better than one. While you are chatting with the seller, the person accompanying you can inspect the car in detail and advise you. This will make it easier for you to trust your intuition.

Not Having the Car Checked by a Mechanic

Before making the purchase, around 80% of people go for a test drive. However, a few buyers have checked out the vehicle by the mechanic. If you are not having the car checked by a mechanic, at least inspect yourself before finalizing the deal. This way, you can save huge bucks in the long run. Some sellers may pay for the inspection. If you buy it from a car dealership or a seller is a car dealer, then chances are he offer the free inspection, but make sure it is. If you buy the used car from a private seller, he won’t pay for the inspection, so it’s important to ask.

Not researching the value of the 2nd hand car

When you are going to buy a used car, don’t forget to research the value of the car you are interested in. If you already know the value of a car, it helps you to get an idea of what you will get if you trade in the car.

Agreeing with the seller’s quote blindly

There is no secret that a seller wants to get more money than the car’s worth. So, you should calculate and evaluate the exact value of the car before making the purchase. If you contact the seller directly, you will get a quote. You can negotiate with the seller if you don’t agree to the quotation. But this is not the perfect way of fixing the used car price. You can calculate the exact valuation of a used car using the professional automobile website. This will help you pay the accurate value of the car.

Bottom Line:

We hope this used car buying guide helps you avoid all of this hassle and other problems. The safest way to sell a used vehicle is to go through a professional like Cars N U. We give you an effective solution to secure payments but also to forget the general and mechanical problems of the car.

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