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What Cars N U Do


Cars N U is Singapore’s most trusted place to buy cars, car selling Singapore and scrap car Singapore by offering an extensive database of new cars and used cars for sale. We believe in putting the customer in control of the car buying and car selling experience. We facilitate both car buyers and car sellers and make the process friendly, hassle-free, and quick. Even if you know nothing about car loan Singapore or buying car and selling car process, our specialists have got you covered. 


What We Believe


Fair and honest dealing. We understand that to buy car or sell your scrap vehicle, a lot of research and legwork is required. And if you don’t have the right knowledge, you may sell your car for short. Let Cars N U be your right hand and take the hassle out of the process of buying a car or selling a car.


Cars N U, with its exceptional customer service and support, is here to offer car buyers and car sellers in Singapore the best value for their money. You would never want to buy a car in Singapore or sell your car the old fashioned way.


What do We Provide For Our Customers?


Cars N U is on the mission to make it easier for its customers if they do not know where to sell their car in Singapore, buy a car in Singapore of your dreams, and get a car loan and car insurance all under one roof without visiting one dealership to another. The online portal makes it easier for customers to complete the transaction with the assistance of professional consultants. We promise our customers the most value for money and exceptional customer service. This is what keeps them coming back for more.


View our latest used cars from the comfort of your view and pick your future car. Or simply sell your used car at the best highest price

What to Expect from Cars N U?

Fair Prices

Whether you are up for selling or buying car, we guarantee fair or highest price. We bring our customers the fairest valuation so that they get the highest offers from the deal.

Complete Transparency

We never keep our clients in the dark. The entire buy a car in Singapore or sell car process is kept transparent. You will know what’s going on and if you need guidance, our representative will help you in every step of the way.

Secure Transactions

Don’t worry about unsafe payments. Certified RC transfers ensure that your money is processed safely.

We Handle The Paperwork

If you dread paperwork, Cars N U has got your back. We make filling and submitting paperwork hassle-free. Just bring the required documents along and we will take care of the rest. Sit back and relax while we taking care of the selling car process. If you do not know where to sell car or buy car in Singapore, Cars N U is the place.

Nur Farhana – CAR BUYER

Leon & Jon from Cars N U was exceptionally good! The car caught my eye and I contacted Leon, a car dealer to enquire. He was very friendly and knowledgeable.  Everything was super smooth, he booked an appointment for me to view the car and we closed the car deal at the first appointment. There were no hiccups at all, a very smooth sailing car sales Singapore! I got my used car in less than a week or so without having to worry abt a single paperwork or so. Everything was done swiftly and proper by Leon and partner. They were super efficient, transparent and humble. Thank you for making the journey of owning a family car possible. This is by far the best car transaction! Thank you Cars N U! Do look for them if you wish to buy sg cars



Cars N U approach me and I decided to try their service. They are really responsible, helpful and friendly car dealer Singapore. Really like their service and transparent policy. I got my car sold just with one buyer review as they were really doing their homework to filter out the most potential buyer in order not to waste everyone’s effort and precious time. Highly recommend them to all the used car Singapore direct owner and buyers in Singapore. Best car selling websites Singapore



Thankful for Leon & Jon from Cars N U, car dealer Singapore, for being there throughout my first car purchase. Gained a lot of knowledge  from them. They were able to help me get my car a day before Chinese New Year! Everything went very smoothly, it only took me less than a week to drive away after viewing the car. Once again thank you for making my first car purchase a memorable one ! Coffee soon !


Raymond Soh – CAR SELLER

Was served by Leon from CNU. Recommended by a friend, very steady bro! Everything was smooth and helped me all the way even out of office hours. Fast replies and clear breakdowns, even gave me advice out of his job scope. Rare in the motor industry, definitely would like to work with him again! 100% genuine and trustable. Small effort from me to write this review for the amount of effort he made to transact my cheap car for sale lol. All the best Leon! Do consult Cars N U for tips for selling a car privately.


Nur huda – CAR SELLER

Leon is very positive and helpful with every process of the car selling in Singapore. he understands the needs and concerns of his client. He works professionally and indeed I was quite surprised with the speedy process of getting a car buyer to sell my car. Will definitely recommend your company to my friend. Thumbs up!! Sell car now with Cars N U.


j0Lene L – CAR BUYER

Although I’m a driver for the past 12yrs but recently i just did my first purchase. Initially I tried doing it myself but I got so stressed. Leon was introduced and on our first chat, my senses told me he will be my savior. He was so patient, explaining in detail the process and guided me through it. He gave very good professional advice as well. It was a stress-free Singapore cars for sale transaction. I highly recommend Cars N U for buy and car sell Singapore service.



The good folks at Cars N U, car dealer Singapore are the buddies you never knew you had. Leon and his team make their priority to have your best interests in mind, taking care of both buyer and seller at every turn.


As I have used cars for sale, Their keen and genuine approach made my whole sale process a smooth and reassuring one. I was a potential buyer turned seller after being impressed by the sincere spirit of Leon’s service, despite not buying a car listing from them. Many dealers may simply move on to the next lead but Leon took it upon himself to offer his industry expertise and worked out a prospective offer to sell car in a tight time frame set by me.


Despite the challenging timeline and the COVID pandemic market conditions, CNU was laser focused on the process of selling a car, and any queries I had along the way were promptly addressed. I truly feel blessed by this chance encounter turned opportunity, and would not hesitate to engage Cars N U again. It is amazing to see them work and Leon is setting a service culture for the rest of the industry to emulate. 


Ivan Wang – CAR SELLER

Very professional company that provides top notch vehicle transaction services. Gives excellent advice and guidance to protect both the seller and buyer. My car transaction was a breeze with Cars N U handling every expect of documentation, submission and application. If you want to deal with any vehicle related transactions, this is the only best site to sell car that guarantees a honest and efficient service! By the way,
best time to sell a car is now while COE is high! 



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